Chanel No. 5: A Perfume Every Woman Should Own A Perfect Scent for Every Occasion


(Photo © 2015 Ian Anderson)

When ask by reporters after marrying famed baseball great Joe Dimaggio what she wore to bed, Marilyn Monroe coyly reply “Chanel No. 5”.  After hearing this as a young girl, I knew one day that I would have to own my own bottle of this Chanel No. 5.  When I was in high school, I traveled with other elite French students to Paris and that is where I knew that I would purchase my first bottle.  I was at the Galeries Lafayette in the middle of Paris where I summoned the courage to approach the Chanel counter.  The French mademoiselles were very friendly and assisted me with what would be my first purchase of Chanel No. 5.  I still have the empty bottle where I savored every last drop.  This photo is my current collection of Chanel No.5 products.

Photo Credit: Ian Anderson

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