Beth’s Favorite Designer of the Year 2015: Zang Toi Check Out Some of His New York Fashion Week Designs!

NYFW 2015 Collage











Zang Toi took New York Fashion Week by storm when he presented his beautiful collection to a wonderfully astonished crowd.  When the reviews were in, it was a resounding success.  While I was only fortunate enough to watch the show from my computer, I could feel the energy of the crowd as each piece revealed itself and built upon each other.  By far, Zang Toi presented my favorite collection during NYFW.  There was something about his designs that resonated with me.  I can see myself wearing these pieces, yet they still keep the fantastical element about them that only a runway show can provide.

From big floppy hats to monotone white outfits to the beautiful turquoise hues that you see above, I felt like I was transported to a beautiful world where everything would look great on me.  With Zang Toi as the maestro, his pieces played for me like musical instruments in a symphony.  One by one, each outfit fit right into the chorus until the crescendo: when Zang Toi himself appeared with a beautiful model dressed in what I can only presume to be his favorite design.  It was a breathtaking strapless black and white ball gown with a high – low hemline.  If it was Zang Toi’s favorite piece, he certainly chose a great one.

Designers like Zang Toi are the reason that I follow fashion.  His designs are fresh and original and just plain fun to watch.  It is the epitome of fashion to inspire and that is exactly what he does.  I started my blog just before New York Fashion Week 2015 and I had a blast following all the shows.  However, Zang Toi’s was the one, in particular, that stood out for me.  As a fashion blogger, it is my job to bring to you the designers that I believe are worthy of much attention from the fashion press and the general media.  Zang Toi is certainly one of those designers.




  1. I like the designs, but I wish the team organizing the show was a bit more vigilant. The show was a MESS outside the venue.
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    • I’m glad that you got to see the show. There must have been a disconnect with the people staffing the event. The House of Toi has always been very supportive and responsive toward me.

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