White Sneaker Frenzy

Posted on 4/7/2017
Updated on 12/10/2017

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The white sneaker trend is here and with a vengeance!  Everyone from top model Gigi Hadid to top fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad are wearing them, talking about them, and blogging about them.  Another blogger that I admire, Kristin Clark, whose blog is Living in Color Print, just recently blogged about her new white Adidas sneakers!


White Sneaker Frenzy

I’ve joined the white sneaker craze with these all-white Sketchers non-athletic sneakers shown below.  They are so comfortable and look cute with almost anything.  They even have sparkles on the sides to make the white sneakers that much more interesting.  I love this white sneaker trend!  Finally, a fashion trend that puts comfort over pain.

For some tips on keeping white sneakers pristine, check out this great article!




Close Up

Front and Side


  1. I’m loving this trend, too, because it’s so practical, comfortable and adds that street chic element to any outfit. I remember having so many in high school and haven’t had any since, that just may need to change! Thanks so much for sharing, these are so cute! I hope you’re having a great week so far, lovely!



  2. I totally jumped on the boat too! I got some pure white Adidas a few months ago. Somehow, they’re still insanely pristine and nurse-white. Fingers crossed I keep having the same luck in the warmer months ahead!
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