Black & Silver Clutches by Calvin Klein

With my past two posts being about shoes, I realized that I needed to complement them with a great handbag blog post.  I didn’t have to look any further than these two clutches by Calvin Klein sitting in my closet.  These bags are timeless.  From the beautiful, thick satin to the jewel encrusted inlay in the middle of each bag, these clutches are very durable.

Bags Together

As you can see, these clutches can go with almost any outfit.  They are very versatile in that they are neutral in color.  That makes my job styling my outfits very easy because they are my “go-to” clutches.  As I said, they are durable and from a great brand – Calvin Klein!

Black Bag
Detail - Bags Together
Silver Bag


  1. This is a gorgeous clutch! I actually had one very similar to this one Im not sure if I still have it or not! Maybe I will go look for it!

  2. They are quite lovely and would make a perfect complement to an evening outfit and outing. I’ve always been a fan of his clothing line.

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