My New Favorite Perfume: Narciso Rodriguez for Her

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4I recently had a birthday and one of the gifts that my sweet husband gave to me was this perfume by Narciso Rodriguez.  The bottle is all black and absolutely stunning and the fragrance is perfect.  Living in Florida, we have a giant orange tree growing in our backyard.  For weeks, the smell of orange blossom has pleasantly filled our yard.  It is one of the most intriguing and beautiful fragrances!  My husband wanted to get me this perfume by Narciso Rodriguez because it has a hint of orange blossom in the scent.  The best way to describe this scent is that it is very refreshing with being overpowering which is what I look for in all my fragrances.


In his early years, Narciso Rodriguez worked in the women’s division at Calvin Klein where he met and became good friends with Carolyn Bessette.  He soon launched his own label and soon after he was asked the design something that would reach iconic status.  In 1997, Carolyn Bessette married John F. Kennedy, Jr. in a ceremony on a small island off the Georgia coast.  Ms. Bessette asked her good friend, but little known designer, to design her wedding gown.  Narciso Rodriguez became a vitual overnight success and every fashion aficionado knew his name after the Kennedy’s famous photo was released (see below). Personally, I fell in love with the dress instantly, its elegance, its simplicity, and its pure beauty.

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Wedding Dress (JFK Jr)


  1. Yessss!!! This was my favorite scent for a long time. I actually remember when my bottle broke and I taped it up because I didn’t want to throw it out (the fragrance is inside a metal pouch inside the glass, thank goodness). It’s a lovely summer night scent.

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  2. I love the looks of this perfume. I have not tried this one has yet but I will see if I can find a sample before I buy

  3. First off, happy belated birthday, beautiful! I wish you many more years of joy, health and wealth! It must be so lovely to have an orange tree in your yard, I’d love that; oranges are defiantly one of my favorite fruits, specifically cara caras! The fragrance was such a thoughtful gift from your hubby, I love how he selected one that has a memorable scent, which I think was great in considering, since perfumes are so personal! Thanks for also sharing how Narcio Rodriguez stepped out onto the major fashion scene! It sounds like a similar beginning to Rebecca Minkoff, who I had the opportunity to listen to at a conference, sharing her journey to success. She started off with just designing a bedazzled I ❤️ NYC t-shirt that a celebrity wore shortly after 9/11 on a late night show and she took off after it aired! Sometimes, all we need is that one break, haha! Anyway, I hope you’re having a lovely start to your week so far, gorgeous girlie!



    1. You’re so sweet, Jalisa. I’m so excited for you that you got to hear Rebecca Minkoff speak. I just love her designs. I recently bought a couple pair of earrings from her that I hope to showcase on the blog soon! Thanks so much for your post! It was so kind and sweet!


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