Ballet Flats Are Always In Season

I love my ballet flats.  I am 5’10” tall so heels are not always necessary for me (thank goodness).  The above collection of flats goes with almost everything in my wardrobe.  The dark pair of ballet flats are Vera Wang and are more of a winter shoe because they are made from wool, while all the other shoes can be worn in summer or winter. (The other ballet flats are by Coach, Nine West, and Target.)

Ballet flats are still on trend; however some lace-up this season creating more visual interest in the shoe.  I don’t have a pair of those yet, but I might be on the look out for some!

Regardless of the trends, ballet flats are timeless.  They go great with skinny jeans or a skirt or this season’s hot item: culottes. Wear them however you wish for they are always in style.


  1. I’m 6 ft tall and LIVE in flats! Sometimes I wish I was short to wear some of the stunning heels out there but alas! For occasions I buy pointed toe flats as I feel they’re a bit dressier!

  2. It’s ironic because ballet flats hurt my feet. Even while dancing (ballet/ jazz) when I was younger, the ballet slippers were uncomfortable. So when I saw how the fashion industry created flats with inspiration from the arts, I tried it and it still hurt! I’m not gonna lie, they do look quite stunning.

  3. Agreed, Every girl should own a pair of ballet flats, they are certain days when I need a break from heels.

  4. These look super comfy. Perfect to keep in your purse when you have to wear heels and you can switch out when no one is looking!

  5. The pink and tan pair as well as the burgundy are top! My friends always carry a pair around and it usually becomes a life-saver

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