Sunshine at Tiffany’s

Sunglasses in Case

I recently purchased a pair of sunglasses by Tiffany & Co. and they are so sophisticated, yet fun to wear.  I chose the aviator model because I like the look and, honestly, I have never had a pair of aviator sunglasses.  Tiffany & Co. seemed like the perfect place to try out my fighter pilot fantasy and, I must admit, I like the way that they look on me.  I am so used to wearing round frames that I didn’t think that another style would fit me quite as well.  But this aviator style by Tiffany & Co. did fit me quite well.  If you are in the market for new sunglasses, I would highly recommend that you consider Tiffany & Co. for you next purchase.

A while back, I posted about a pair of Oscar de la Renta sunglasses that I had purchased.  Check out that post here and compare those sunglasses with these brand new sunglasses from Tiffany & Co.!

Sunglasses on Case
I absolutely love the Tiffany blue case that the sunglasses are stored in.  It not only protects the sunglasses, but it’s quite stylish! Look for more photos of this awesome Tiffany’s case below.

Logo on Case

Lono on Sunglasses



  1. Oh my gosh I absolutely love both the Tiffany & Co. sunglasses and the Oscar de la Renta. They both look so chic and sophisticated. I love both the Tiffany & Co.’s sleek blue case and the edgy black and red Oscar de la Renta case. Great selection on both sunglasses xo

  2. I love aviators I just bought my first Ray Ban pair lately as I have other types of frames. I love sunglasses and always try to get a different style just so it doesn’t seem pointless. I had no idea Tiffany did shades, the box is adorable!

  3. I checked out some of their sunglasses a while ago and absolutely loved them! There are some unique, sleek styles. You wouldn’t typically think of going to Tiffany’s for sunglasses, but they make them really classy yet edgy.
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  4. Can you go wrong with anything from Tiffanys? I love these sunglasses! They are so darn cute! Aviators are great, I think!

  5. Ouhhh, fancy! I love the teal touch. Great choice with the aviators, you just went up a whole new level of cool.

  6. The sunglasses looks so cool! I need to wear something like this!~ Thanks for posting and recommending it!~

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