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A few months ago, my husband and I vacationed in Palm Beach, Florida, but only for a few days.  We live in Florida so the mystique is a bit lost on us, even in the winter months.  We were really just looking for a fun place to get away.  To me, there is no place better in Florida than Palm Beach.  The restaurants and hotels are top notch and the shopping, oh the shopping, on Worth Avenue is the best in the world (even if you are just looking like I mostly was).


However, this trip was special.  I really wanted to make my first Worth Avenue purchase instead of “just looking”.  I had always wanted a pair of Gucci shoes.  They are practical and never go out of style.  I had been in the Worth Avenue Gucci store before and they were extremely helpful.  There was no pretense there so I felt comfortable buying from them.  Actually, the time before I went into their store, they had the most gorgeous silk dress that had just arrived.  I was smitten.  I wanted to own something Gucci.  And so I would.

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I looked at so many different styles of shoes and tried on many, but I selected the pair featured below because they are classic Gucci.  The staff was very friendly and graciously allowed me to try on any shoe that I liked.  I was greeted warmly and treated like I had been a lifelong customer.  I was so happy that I had saved my pennies to purchase my shoes at Gucci once I had experienced their remarkable service.  Because of their fine Italian craftsmanship, I will have my Gucci shoes for many years to come.  They are an investment piece and were well-worth the price!  Plus, I got to shop and make a purchase on Worth Avenue.  If you ever want to make a high end purchase, I strongly recommend Gucci.  Both their service and the craftsmanship of all of their pieces is impeccable.  


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    1. Hi Whitney!

      I would love to visit London! It’s #1 on my travel list. I’ve never been there, but my husband used to live there when he was young. I’d love to visit London’s fashion district and all the other sites!

      BTW, love your blog!!


  1. Ooooh love GUCCI soo much! Yes, it costs quite a few pennies, but I still have my Gucci bamboo wooden handle woven handbag from years ago, and it’s now the new style with the bamboo handle being back again and looks brand new! An investment, but worth it. xoxo Robin from THE INSPIRED (

  2. I would love to visit Palm Beach and shop in the higher end stores there! It’s always really tough in NYC because every store is always crowded, so the service isn’t the same as it would be elsewhere. The shoes are very cute! I totally agree that Gucci shoes are always a classic. 🙂
    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

  3. Beth,
    Your new shoes are really gorgeous and you chose well! They are the perfect classic pattern that will serve you well through the years! I just read an autobiography of Audrey Hepburn and in it, she says her style is simple and classic. I think she would approve of the shoes!

    Love, Mary

  4. Those shoes are definitely classic and will last. I agree that if you’re going high end to go with a classic style instead of something trendy.

  5. Aaaah GUCCI, if only i could afford you I would be happy lol, such lovely shoes and they look comfortable and stylish too.

  6. What a great trip! I love well thought out and sure-to-love-forever purchases. Those shoes are super cute!

  7. I love your shoes. It’s always nice to treat ourselves sometimes and spend big bucks on something we’ve really wanted for a long time. And I love palm beach too!

  8. Can you believe that tomorrow I am going to Palm beach? This post is just on time for me! I can’t wait to shop at Worth Avenue! 🙂

  9. My family is from Florida so I grew up going to West Palm Beach every year. Now that I live in California, I miss the warmth of the water back east! These shoes are incredible. Definitely something that will last and value increases in time!

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