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Alexander McQueen Pink Coat
Capsule Collection 1


Valentino floral shirt
$750 –

Polo Ralph Lauren neon shirt
$97 –

Alexander McQueen pink coat

J W Anderson capri

Linen pants
$18 –

Topshop high-waisted skinny jeans
$53 –

NIKE white sneaker
$140 –

Gianvito Rossi suede pumps

The above pieces represent my selection for my very own capsule collection.  In case you were wondering just exactly what a capsule collection is (I know I was at first), it is a wardrobe of the most basic pieces such as pants, skirts, blouses, jackets/coats, and shoes.  The purpose is to purchase the basics and build out from there with more unique or special pieces that will blend in with the items already purchased as part of the capsule collection.

Designers like Zac Posen,  Alexander Wang, and Lanvin, to name only a few, have created these more affordable capsule collections and their customers have loved them!
The capsule collection that I have created contains the most basic pieces in the most neutral colors.  This will allow the mixing and matching of many different items.  The pink coat by Alexander McQueen is likely the most extravagant piece; however it is a staple that will remain in your wardrobe for many years to come.
Capsule collections have not come without scrutiny.  Some fashion experts believe that these collections cheapen the brand because they are not as creative as a “normal” collections.  i disagree.  Fashion can be about giving people the basics to be creative on their own and the add pieces that they love when they feel that it is necessary.  Fashion is about empowering.  And what better way to empower the consumer than to allow him or her to design the wardrobe of his or her dreams!


  1. I love the capsule collection you put together! It looks so stylish and you can create great outfits with these!

  2. I love the pieces you’ve shared here, girlie! Having the basics covered is essential in having a versatile and practical wardrobe that’ll be easy to work with for so many different events and occasions! Blush pink is always a great choice, so pretty and feminine! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great start to your June so far!



  3. I really love your capsule collection you put together. I especially love the blush colored top and the fact that you can wear it with the black pants, white pants, jeans and the white skirt!
    Also, I love how you said you can build off of the capsule collection. Someone insinuated to me that I was basic; however, I let them know that basics are the foundation and without a foundation, you cannot build!

  4. I sort of love the concept of capsule collections. Alright, maybe they aren’t really edgy but not everyone wants that and sometimes when you’re buying high-end items you’re looking for comfortable clothes you can wear to the office. I love all sorts of clothes, edgy or not, but I sometimes wonder what happened to classic cuts and staples.

    Oooh, not a big fan of the skinny jeans (personal pref!) but some of this stuff could be put together in a really 1940s way and that always gets my attention. I *love* that shell pink color, it’s so soft and elegant. I can see pairing that dress with peep-toe wedges and a snood for a really retro look!

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