All Alphabet Creams Are Not Created Equal What's the Different Between BB, CC, and DD Creams?

Ever find yourself in the beauty aisle or among all those beauty cremes at a department store and wondered – what is up with all these letters?  BB, CC, DD – what do they mean to me and my skin?  With a little research, I’ve got answers!

BB Creme
BB Cremes
Defined: Beauty Balm
Texture: Creamy and Moisturizing
What You Can Expect: With its SPF protection, it provides daily protection from the sun as well as plenty of hydration.  Additionally, it does offer more coverage that a tinted moisturizer.  However, it does not contain much by way of anti-aging properties, so you must use other serums or creams with anti-aging properties to supplement for this lack of these properties.


CC Creme

CC Cremes
Defined:  Complexion Corrector
Texture:  Lightweight and Fast-Absorbing
What You Can Expect:  Chalk full of vitamins C and E, Complexion Corrector is lighter than BB creme and focuses on color correction.  It addresses skin issues such as sallowness or redness and also, like the BB creme, contains SPF.  If you have acne-prone skin, dull skin, constant redness, or dark spots, CC creme may be right for you.

DD Creme

DD Cremes
Defined: Daily Defense
Texture:  Creamy and Moisturizing (similar to BB Creme)
What You Can Expect:  As its primary focus is anti-aging, it is a super creme combining both the benefits of BB and CC cremes. The anti-aging properties of the DD creme work to diminish wrinkles and fine lines.  Additionally, DD cremes will help balance skin tones and protect the most sensitive areas of your skin.


  1. Thank you for this post!! I needed clarification on this!

  2. I’ve been using BB when I needed CC… Very resourceful.


  3. This is really helpful! I’ve been at the store before staring at all the different types, but couldn’t figure out what was for what.

  4. I had no idea what any of those meant and I’ve always wondered! This was a big help!

    • I’m so glad that I could be of help. This blog post stemmed from my own curiosity as to what each cream did. xo

  5. That you for clearing that up for me ugh its so confusing.

  6. Thanks for sharing! So much to learn from this post 🙂

  7. Personally, I prefer BB creams. Somehow CC creams a bit too sheer for me. Never tried a DD creme before, but it sounds exciting!

  8. Thanks so much for the great info, would be helpful if they had this in the beauty aisle would be a big help!

  9. I’ve used a BB cream once and really enjoyed it, but now that I’ve found the perfect skincare regimen, Im’ foundation-free and no longer have a need for coverage or color correction. I’ll definitely bookmark this for friends who inquire, though! 🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing great info.. Before going through your post I had no idea what any of those meant!

  11. I love CC creams! It’s what a choose to wear on a daily basis as I find foundations too heavy! I didn’t know there was a DD cream…feeling out the loop ha!

  12. So, I’ve tried BB and CC, but I haven’t made my foray into DD. Let me know if you have any recommendations in that department! I love the lightweight feel of the creams as opposed to the foundation.
    Style Tomes

    • I’m with you! I haven’t tried the DD creams either, but when I do, I’ll let you know a good one! xo

  13. Very informative post! I’ve never heard of any of these, but the CC cremes sound great!

  14. Very informative, the DD cream must be new. I typically use the BB cream when I’m on the run, but I do find that some CC creams work just as good for a BB cream and even use one just as a concealer which is the Peter Thomas Roth, their CC cream is really amazing.

    • Ooooh, I love Peter Thomas Roth’s products. Great choice! I use both BB and CC creams, but I find myself gravitating toward the CC creams. I suppose it’s just a personal preference. I appreciate your comment! xo

  15. I wonder when there’ll be EE cream.. lol… I dunno the difference until read your post..

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