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Fall’s LBD (Little Black Dress)

Now that it’s the fall season, you’re probably taking inventory of your closet and wondering what you need to update.  I always try to update my LBD (Little Black Dress) each year just to keep it on trend.  This results in me having multiple LBDs, but that’s okay, right?

The collage below shows several examples of LBDs for the season as well as ideas for shoe pairings.  I hope that your find inspiration for your new LBD for the season!


Little Black Dresses on Trend for Fall


  1. I think I have two LBDs from pre-wedded-bliss that probably don’t fit exactly as they used to. Black was/is always my go-to color but I’ve been told I really need to update my color choices- and I’ll probably slip in a new LBD just because!

  2. LBDs are perfect for travelling as they are light to pack and always look glamorous. I have several and I can’t help buying more.

  3. I have a wrap little black dress, but it doesn’t quite fit as well as it used to! Time to go shopping (& lose weight!)

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