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Betsey Johnson Handbags

Betsey Johnson Handbag Pink Bow

Posted on 10/16/2016
Updated on 2/20/2018

Among the plethora of products that prolific designer Betsey Johnson offers that includes jewelry, accessories, home goods, shoes, and apparel, she also designs handbags which are my personal favorite.  Whenever I carry a Betsey Johnson handbag, I always get compliments because they are designed to garner attention (and that’s why I love it!).

Below are two handbags by Betsey Johnson that I recently purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue.  One has a giant pink bow on it which always get some stares and the other has plenty of fringe which is totally on trend right now.  I have only carried them a couple of times, but I’ve noticed that the leather is so soft and supple and the straps fit easily over my shoulder without falling off.  In short, these handbags are awesome!


Betsey Johnson Handbag Pink Bow

Betsey Johnson Handbag with Fringe

Are you a Betsey Johnson fan? What items of hers are you proud to own?

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  1. I love her bags because they typically have stripes, pink, a bow, or all three. My backpack that I wear to work daily is from her with hearts stitched in and then I also have a cute tote bag that I enjoy sporting while traveling.

  2. I used to scour places for Betsey Johnson stuff when I was a bit younger! LOVE the fun and flair she infuses into her designs! And OMG I found myself standing next to her once randomly in a NYC grocery store and nearly died. She’s so flamboyant and friendly in real life!

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