5 Alternatives to the LBD (Little Black Dress) Sometimes a Girl Needs a Change!

The Little Black Dress is classic, but sometimes you need an alternative.  I have presented below six dresses that could be worn in place of the Little Black Dress because, let’s face it, the LBD can get a little boring after so many wears.

Which one is your favorite?

Alternatives to LBD

Ivory dress
$445 – thefoldlondon.com

Skater skirt

WithChic short dress
$44 – withchic.com

Nha Khanh v neck dress


  1. I’m digging the Metallic Gold the best. I never used to like gold, but all of a sudden these past 2 years been in love with gold now even jewelry!

    • The metallic gold dress is very flattering and is definitely one of my favorites. I love gold too. It goes with my skin tone. Thanks so much for your comment! xo

  2. I like your choices. The plaid one is my favorite. I’ve always liked peter pan collars.

    • You know, I chose that very plaid dress because of the Peter Pan collar. I thought that it made a statement. I’m glad that you like it! zo

  3. I really like the burgundy dress and the plaid one. they look very retro. Super cute!

    • I love both too and think they are great LBD alternatives. Thanks so much for your comment! xo

  4. Yes! Such great alternatives. I’m a total believer in adding some color to the mix, so the burgundy dress is the one I’d pick to wear!

  5. Love these choices! No need to opt for black all the time!

  6. That Burgandy dress is perfect for the holidays! So chic!!

  7. I love the burgundy. I’m always drawn to shades of red. That would be my choice.

  8. Loving the burgundy dress. It is fun to express oneself with a burst of color

  9. The burgundy is beautiful and the neckline is superb. Who wouldn’t wear a pop of color around the holiday season.

    • Definitely! Actually, i chose all of these dresses with the holidays in mind. What do you think? xo

  10. These are all great alternatives, I am loving them all but more especially skater dress

  11. Love the Ivory dress. It is chick, stylish and can be accessorized beautifully for any occasion.

  12. Yes! I love your alternatives! Metallic is totally a neutral and can be worn all the time 🙂

    • I love metallics and, yes, they can be a neutral when paired with the right accessories. xo

  13. The metallic gold is pretty!

  14. The metallic silver one is amazing.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  15. Burgundy is legit my favorite color this year! I’m all for wearing that when I”m not in the mood for alllll black. Its still slimming af!

  16. I love all of them but for some reason I just cannot pull off white and animal prints!


    • I’m sorry. Maybe you just haven’t found the right cut of dress yet. It can make all the difference! xo

  17. Super great ideas! I’m loving that silver metallic dress!

  18. I seriously agree that a metallic or sequin gown can rival the LBD! I have one of each and find myself reaching for them MORE than my black dresses!

  19. I love the alternatives. The red one is my favorite.

  20. I like all the choices here, but the winter white is clearly my favourite, I would love to own that dress.

  21. I love the metallic dress. It definitely stands out among the rest.

  22. I love the metallic silver!!

  23. Metallics are great to wear to Christmas parties, I have started buying mine already!

  24. I really love a little white dress but that burgundy one is gorgeous.

    La Belle Sirene 

  25. Love the boohoo dress and the metalic one too

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