How to Survive Black Friday Shopping Several Strategies to Get You Through the Madness!

Black Friday

When the morning after Thanksgiving arrives (or the day of with some sales), and you dare to venture out into what is known as Black Friday, I have a few tips that might help you survive the struggle.  I have done considerable research and I’ve come up with the top tips for helping shoppers brave the madness and actually be productive on Black Friday.

What are some of your best tips for surviving Black Friday? Leave a comment below!

1.  Make Your Shopping List Before You Head Out

This will keep you organized and keep you from getting distracted.  Write down all the people for whom you are buying presents.  Keep a checklist! Write down gift ideas and potential stores to buy these gifts.  You will be a disciplined shopper and get things done in much less time.  It will also feel good to get people’s presents marked off your checklist.  With any luck you will be done with your list on Black Friday!

2.  Check the Online Deals First

I find shopping online fun!  I think it’s spoiled me.  In any case, always check your favorite stores’ websites as well as places like which lists so many items that it’s impossible to count.  Honestly, I do most of my shopping online because that’s where the best deals are and Black Friday is no exception.  I do buy my clothes in department stores, but with a brand like Calvin Klein where I know my size and fit, I will order clothing from their online boutiques.  Don’t hesitate to shop online before braving the madness of the brick and mortar stores.

3.  Pick a Shopping Buddy Who Will Match Your Pace

Shopping is more fun with a friend!  Just make sure that you and your friend are in sync are far as schedules.  Do you like to hit the midnight sales or the early morning early bird specials?  Make sure that you are compatible on when you like to shop.  Shopping buddies are also great for helping you to stick to your list and budget.  They are also fun to get opinions on potential purchases!

4.  Bring Your Ads With You

If you have an email or newspaper advertisement for a particular item, be sure to bring it with you.  Items may not ring up as the advertised sale item when you check out so having your advertisement is good evidence of what was sent to the public.  It may go a long way in convincing the store to honor its advertisement.

5.  Be Prepared for Strict Return Policies

Returns policies seem to get tighter every year, and they can be worse for Black Friday. For some items, stores may have only a short return policy — and they may charge you a restocking fee.  If you are considering returning an item, especially a Black Friday item, do so as soon as possible to avoid any hassles.


I must admit, in recent memory, I’ve never skipped a Black Friday.  I absolutely love it!  However, for some people, it’s just not for them.  The crowds, the lines, the hassle.  It’s just not worth it.  If that’s the case, my survival advice is to skip it.  That’s right!  Avoid everything and just relax and savor Thanksgiving leftovers.  That sounds quite nice actually.




  1. Black Friday is so stressful! My sister actually wants to go to stores this year which is crazy to me. I do all my shopping online!
    xo Jessica

  2. These are some great tips! I don’t know if I’m going this year. I may just chill out.

  3. Great tips! I have been emailed lots of deals since Monday I want to buy everything!

  4. Great tips! Unfortunately, I can’t go out shopping being 8 months pregnant but I will definitely be shopping online

  5. We dont have black friday here, at least not yet, so it won’t be a crazy shopping weekend here, but I love all your tips, many are going to need them this week.

  6. I plan to survive by doing all of it online only

  7. These are great tips however we will be skipping it, with two small children one has asd we go shopping during quiet times, however i can always have a browse on the Internet, although im sure my hubby would rather i didnt

  8. These are some great tips!!!!! I’m all about scoping the ads before I shop!!

  9. Honestly I’m more of a cyber Monday gal. Don’t like the crowds and that they’re starting earlier and earlier every year 🙁

  10. I haven’t gone black Friday shopping in a few years and I’m ok with that. I keep eyes out on the Internet for deals and maintain sanity at home.

  11. Since it’s not all that in the UK I will be skipping it entirely and will work from home but awesome tips

  12. Having a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Skipping it entirely is too drastic. I will try the list method instead.

  13. I don’t do Black Friday. Just way too much going on on those crowds for me. I tip my hat to all you brave ones. LOL!

  14. Thanks for sharing this exciting info. May I add that this Black Friday, we must be sure we have good internet access to capture all those exciting deals!

  15. I have to admit that I’ve never shopped at Black Friday (possibly because we don’t have it in England and it’s not so big here in Canada either) but I always find it crazy the news stories on it!

  16. I totally agree with all your tips! Especially skipping it entirely! Thats the final tip that I offered on my blog as well. Its just so stressful lol


  17. Online deals are the way to go for me! I hate Black Friday crowds so I do as much on Amazon! And they’ve actually got quite the selection this year!

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