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The Ultimate Guide to Festival Season



Now that it’s April and festival season is soon to be in full swing, it’s important that our wardrobes have the necessary items that we will need for a day or two (or more) of listening to great music, hanging with wonderful friends, and having an all-in-all good time!  Festival goers wear a number of different looks.  It’s all about what you’re comfortable wearing!  I’m going to show you some eye-catching ideas for festival wear that you will just love.  I’m also going to offer some tips on what to bring to a music festival to make your experience as comfortable as possible!


Festival season is practically here with Coachella scheduled to begin on April 14th and end on April 23rd.  Coachella takes place each year at the Empire Indio Club in Indio, California.  The star-studded event not only features popular and talented musicians, but the festival goers are worth crowd-watching as well because they are filled with celebrities and fashionistas dressed in some beautiful wears.

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Essential Items to Bring to Any Festival

The Basics

  1.      Sun Protection:  Sunscreen, Sunglasses,  and a Hat
  2.      Refillable Hand Sanitizer
  3.      A Refillable Water Bottle
  4.      A Portable Mini Fan
  5.      A Portable Phone Charger
  6.      A Pair of Ear Plugs
  7.      An Emergency Kit
  8.      A Selfie Stick
  9.      Plenty of Snacks
  10.      Sports Drinks

Fashion Essentials

  1.      Flash Tattoos
  2.      Boots (to protect your feet from getting stepped on or if it rains)
  3.      Coat or Sweater for Nighttime
  4.      Cross-Body bag
  5.      Loose-fitting Clothing

Beauty Essentials

  1.      Deodorant
  2.      Dry Shampoo
  3.      Bloating Wipes for the Face
  4.      Hair Bands
  5.      Head Scarves
  6.      Body Spray
  7.      Body Lotion
  8.      Mini Hairbrush
  9.      Chapstick
  10.      Toothpaste and Toothbrush


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