Swimsuit Trends for 2017 Six of the Hottest Swimwear Trends This Season!

Looking to update your swimsuit wardrobe?  Do you have a sunny getaway planned and you want to look on point in your swimwear?  I’ve consulted Refinery 29‘s top trends to bring to you the Top 6 swimwear trends of 2017!  After seeing these trends, you’ll toss your old bikini or swimsuit out, I promise!


The monokini trend is still prevalent with the additional focus on side seams.  Whether its D rings or laces to connect the front and back, this design is a great option if you are not up for a bikini.
The Mini Tee
When did swimwear look so much like fashion?  Feel more dressed up whether wearing the sleeves ruffled and off-the-shoulder (shown) or full-shoulder caps.  Consider this: your apres-swim look is almost finished because you already have your top!
New Materials
This season there is a focus on more novel materials for swimsuits such as the ones listed above: velvet, crochet, and denim.
Rainbow Bright
Rainbow Brights have taken over the 2017 swimsuit designs as an explosion of color in stripes!  They are a marked part of this season’s trends.
One Piece, One Strap
The one shoulder look is ubiquitous in fashion right now so why not incorporate it into your swimwear wardrobe as well?  It can be a very flattering look.  Just be sure to wear lots of sunscreen to avoid tan lines!
Minimalist Bralettes
According to Refinery 29, “Bralettes aren’t going away anytime soon. They’ve broken down the walls between bras being a confidentially hidden item and being considered casual wear to expose. We’ll happily add them to our swimsuit drawer.”
Swimsuit Trends 2017


  1. I like all those trends but not sure about a denim suit. Not a good material in water. 🙂

    ❥ tanvii.com

    • Completely agree about denim in water … I think I would wear it for lounging by the pool instead of actually swimming in it!! xo

  2. I’ve also seen the mini tee one piece combo that I’ve been liking a lot. I’m also a fan of boyleg styles.


    • I love both those styles! When I was researching this post I was like “When did swimsuits get so versatile?” xo

  3. These swimsuits are hot! Not sure about the velvet one (seems like it would take forever to dry), but do love the colour!

    • Totally agree! I might save the velvet one for laying on the beach instead of getting in the water! xo

  4. Rainbow bright is my fave trend this year!! I also love that one pieces are totally in style because thats usually what I wear anyways!

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