Miami Swim Week 2017 Thank You to All My Invites!

SWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - Runway

Frankie’s Bikinis 2018 Collection (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for SWIMMIAMI)

I was invited to attend Miami Swim Week which took place last week on South Beach.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this year, but I did want to thank all the designers and brands who extended an invitation for me to attend their runway shows.  I have listed below the runway shows that I was invited to attend along with links to their websites.  I have received press releases and runway photos from several of the designers and I hope to write a few blogs on their collections so stay tuned!

Runway Shows Presented by Art Hearts Fashion

Runway Shows Presented by SWIMMIAMI

Runway Shows Presented by Planet Fashion

Runway Shows Presented by FUNKSHION

Runway Shows Presented by STYLEMRKT

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