Corduroy Comeback and 5 Other Retro Trends (Guest Post) Guest Author: Lynn Lewis Representing Pink Lily, an Online Boutique

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Retro finds are an exciting part of every fashionista’s shopping excursion. Since it’s time to transition into fall, you can expect to see even more retro fashions than usual. You’ll find ton of retro styles on the runway, in online stores, and in your favorite fashion boutiques all season long. From corduroy to flared sleeves, everything old school is taking the fashion world by storm! Read on for the top retro styles that you should keep an eye out for.


This soft fabric is the best way to welcome fall weather, and you’ll look hip while you’re doing it! You’ll see corduroy appearing in skirts, jackets, dresses, and even pants. Corduroy is a fresh change from all your jean and leather go-to styles, so switch it up today and pair this soft design with tons of turtlenecks and knits.



Not exactly your grandma’s sweater, embroidery can be found trickled in among the latest fashion trends from local designers to runway stars. On jeans, jackets, blouses, and even shoes, embroidery adds an intricate touch to your everyday wear. Flowers, patterns, and images really pop when embroidered instead of printed, and they ensure your outfit is incredibly unique.

Bell Sleeves

Bell Sleeves

These flowy beauties are simply irresistible! Fun and elegant, bell shaped sleeves are a blast from the past! Popular in medieval times, as well as in the 60s, there are two eras that inspire this look. You’ll find bell sleeves in dresses this year too — no just tops, so pair this style with your favorite set of jeans or leggings for comfortable, trendy fashion.

Oversized Hats

Hats aren’t just for lounging on the beach! Throw on a floppy hat with a soft, silky blouse and wide pants for a throwback look that you’ll want to show everyone on Instagram! Sunny or not, here comes a bold look that’s bound to turn heads! You’ll find that burgundy, navy, and dark green hues are taking over for the straw filled styles of summer without jumping too deep into the blacks and dark browns of winter.

Robe Style Coats

The smoking robe was popular in the early 1900s for both men and women. Some news sources even went so far as to say that a smoking robe or jacket was synonymous with comfort. Well, in 2017 we have good news for you — fashion is bringing back the ultimate in comfortable outwear with smoking robe inspired trench coats and jackets. Crafted from fine silks and cashmere, this isn’t your 10 year old stained bathrobe!

polka dot dress

Polka Dots

Anything polka dot brings to mind the house dresses of the 1950s. Traditionally black and white or red and white, this retro pattern is great to mix and match with other patterns and colors. Try a large print polka dot top with a mini version of the same pattern, or go all out and mix stripes with spots for a really bold look.

What’s Old is New

Fashion is definitely cyclical in nature, ensuring old trends come back again and again in new, contemporary styles. For trendy items that will match your unique vintage vibes, shop your favorite fashion boutiques to find the top retro trends of the year.



  1. I love all of these trends especially anything polka dot. I’ve always been obsessed with this print.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    • Aren’t these retro trends great? I love polka dot too! 🙂 xo

  2. So happy about the embroidery and bell sleeve trend coming back. I own a few polka dotted things already, so that’s also good news. I love posts like this especially because I live in China and sometimes the trends here are a bit different. Thanks for helping me stay in the loop. 🙂

    • Thanks Lisa! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post 🙂 ! Happy to help you stay in the loop! xo

  3. I love vintage and retro – that polkadot skirt is to die for! Where did you get it?

    • Thanks! Actually, it’s a stock photo from Pink Lily so you might want to check there. Their link is in the bottom paragraph. Thanks so much for your comment! xo

  4. I’ve been LOVING all of these trends coming back. Bell sleeves and embroidered tops are my fav! Also, velvet is making a comeback. I just got a gorgeous velvet top for my Christmas pictures!

    • I love retro a lot too! Velvet is a great observation as it’s made a comeback big time. It’s in one of my previous posts. I’m loving wearing my velvet jacket around the holidays. 🙂 xo

  5. Quite a few of these – the robe style coats, polka dots, and embroidery – I never stopped wearing! Ha!

    • Hi Whitney, That’s great!! Retro never goes out of style! xo

  6. These are great observations! Velvet is another one. I feel like it is the early 90’s all over again. It’s funny how fashion trends recycle themselves.

    • Hi Elizabeth, Yes, velvet is a big one. I mentioned it in one of my previous Fall fashion posts. I love wearing it this time of year! 🙂 Retro is awesome anytime! xo

  7. These are all trends that I’m loving right now! Especially embroidery and bell sleeves.

    • Thanks Greta! I think bell sleeves are my favorite. I have several blouses with them. xo

  8. I’m so glad some of these trends are back! I used to love corduroy!

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