10 Winter Trends to Try Right Now

Puffer Coat

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Fashion has a way of setting trends on fire, even in the colder months.  The ten trends listed below have become quite popular and I wanted to share them with you so you could partake in them should you choose.  Personally, I love to follow trends.  I feel like that it is a break from the ordinary.  It is a chance to be expressive by making each trend your own in some subtle or not-so-subtle way.  Think about that as you look at each trend’s collage below.  Think about how you can make the trend your own!


Turtleneck Dresses

For an in-depth discussion on whether the turtleneck dress is the new power suit, click here!

Faux-Fur Trim Coats
There are so many faux-fur jacket options these days.  Click here for an overview of many of the different types.
Sweater Dresses

Here’s a great article about how to style a sweater dress according to celebrities.

Sequin Skirts
Check out blogger Sheer Luxe‘s take on sequin skirts. They never go out of style!
Bell Sleeve Sweaters
Blogger One Awesome Momma has a great write-up about How to Wear a Bell Sleeve Sweater in Fall & Winter
Red Booties
Here’s a great article about the red boot trend:
These 17 Red Boot Styles Will Have You On-Trend This Fall
Puffer Coats
An editorial by Vogue Magazine: A Brief History of the Puffer in Fashion
Christmas Sweaters

In this collage, I’ve included what I think are pretty Christmas sweaters, this article is about not-so-pretty Christmas sweaters.  However, it’s an inspiring article about entrepreneurship so I wanted to share it.

Camel Coats

British Vogue recently named their best camel coats for the season in a fantastic article.

Which trend(s) is your favorite?


  1. I love red booties! I have a burgundy pair that unfortunately need to be replaced soon. Thanks for sharing these trends 🙂

  2. I just ordered some red booties for the holidays along with a new camel coat. I love all of the options you have in this post. I may need to pick up another sweater dress or two.

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