Emma & Chloé French Jewelry Subscription Boxes A Review of the June Box + Code

Emma & Chloe June Subscription Box Necklace

Financial compensation was not received by me for this blog post. A sample product was gifted to me from Emma & Chloé for my review. Opinions expressed here are solely my own.


My June subscription box from Emma & Chloé arrived a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to share all the great information that I have about its contents with you! From photos to videos to my own personal review, there is so much to put in this post!  I’ll definitely try to be succinct and organized so you won’t miss any of the information!

Emma & Chloe June Subscription Box Necklace

I.    History of Emma & Chloé*

The idea for Emma & Chloé began in the Fashion Week streets of Paris while hunting the most cutting-edge work from the most up-and-coming designers. The pieces had to be unique, chic and embody the highly-coveted French style.

From pop-up shops to invite-only trunk shows, the Fashion Capital of the World offered a wealth of emerging talent, just waiting to be discovered. It was an exciting, challenging and, above all, time-consuming task.

It was then the concept was born: Why not showcase our discoveries to France’s most stylish women by bringing these high-quality, fashion-forward jewelry designs straight their doors?

Four years and 13,000 subscribers later, Emma & Chloé now brings the best of French jewelry design to women all across Europe and the United States.

*This information came directly from the Emma & Chloé website.

II.     Creation of the Month

Emma & Chloe June Jewelry Subscription Box

Emma & Chloe June Jewelry Subscription Box

Of course you want to know what is contained in the jewelry box, right?  The June box contains a stunning necklace called the Sunhorn necklace which is made of brass and gilded with gold or soaked in a silver bath.  The June jewelry designer is Vadine Sister.  Contained in the jewelry box is a “June Gazette” which has a ten question interview with the designer.

III.     Review

The Sunhorn necklace is very eye-catching and quite beautiful.  My necklace is gold because it goes better with my skin tone and I can wear it with a myriad of different styles from casual to more formal dress.  It is interchangeable with different outfits.  The necklace is quite versatile because you can wear it in the back or front as seen in the photos provided below by Emma & Chloé.

Emma & Chloe June Jewelry

Emma & Chloe June Jewelry

VI.     Special Offer for Subscription Plan + CODE

Would you like your very own Sunhorn necklace in your choice of gold or silver?  If so, be sure to subscribe before June 30th!  To get $10 off your very own subscription plan, just use the code STYLE10.  You will begin receiving stunning French jewelry pieces in the mail each month!  How exciting!


Introducing Kurtis Paul, Luxury British Bags & Accessories Beautifully Crafted Bags & Accessories

Kurtis Paul Canvas Cream Backpack Rucksack

A Note from Beth:
Kurtis Paul creates extraordinarily beautiful bags and accessories.  The following article about travel was submitted to me by Kurtis Paul, a company that is located in Manchester, England. I think its an excellent piece and wanted to publish it so that you, my readers, could enjoy both its educational and enjoyable aspects.  I’ve also selected some images from Kurtis Paul‘s beautiful inventory to share with you.  While they do cater mostly to men, several of their bags could be carried by women hence my featuring their company and products on my blog.  Regardless, I am impressed by the beauty and craftsmanship of their work and the finished product.  See for yourself and enjoy the article!  

Kurtis Paul Mens Canvas Backpack

Getting away whether for an overnight stay or a long vacation is one of the highlights of life. I mean who doesn’t like escaping from their daily routines and the dramas that come with it?! Travelling is your time to free the mind and explore what the world has to offer. For many of us, the run up to a vacation is an exciting one, visions of us sitting by the pool and exploring new cities enter the mind and if you’re anything like me, you want to forget about the packing and just arrive at your destination. Although this would be perfect, we unfortunately don’t live in a world where that is possible. The reality of it is, making sure you pack the correct belongings and, most importantly, having the correct bag for the trip is essential!

Going away with the incorrect bag can cause an array of problems, some may just be annoying, some will take up your time but others can completely ruin your trip. No matter how you look at it, choosing the right bag for your travels is one of the most important factors to ensure you have an enjoyable, hassle-free trip.

Kurtis Paul Canvas Cream Backpack Rucksack

When it comes to choosing the right bag every aspect of your trip needs to be taken into consideration. How long will I be away for? This will allow you to understand what size of bag is required. If it’s just an overnight stay or a short weekend break, you will find in most cases a backpack or a duffle bag will be up to the task. Whereas if you are gone for the long haul then a large weekender or suitcase is a must to enable you to take the belongings you will need. Always remember if you are getting a flight, there are restrictions on the size and weight of your baggage. Whether you check your bag in or you take it on as hand luggage, ensure you check and check again that your bag fits into the guidelines, as this can be a costly mistake!

What is the purpose of my trip? This will have a bearing on what style and material is going to be best. If you are travelling for business purposes for example, meeting an important client at the airport with a canvas backpack isn’t going to cut it, a classy looking leather duffle bag will be more suitable and result in positive first impressions. Just like if you are spending a weekend exploring what the countryside has to offer, canvas has to be the material of choice due to its durability and hard-wearing nature.

Kurtis Paul Designer Fashion - Mens Tote Bag

You should also take into consideration what you will be doing whilst you are at your destination. If you have plans to explore what the surroundings have to offer or a trip to the beach to soak up the sun is on the cards, it’s going to be a good idea to take an extra bag that can assist. A beach bag or backpack, for example, will provide you with the freedom to roam whilst knowing your belongings are safely stored away.


Just like clothing, when carrying a bag it portrays your personality and says a lot about the individual you are. When it comes to picking the style and design features, it’s your time to become picky. Just remember a bag is made to be practical so if easy access to documents or money is required, large separate compartments will need to be added to the checklist.

Choosing the right bag can be complex and as explained above there are a number of factors to think about when making your decision. With that said, planning ahead and taking the time to understand what it is you actually need is going to simplify this task and give you the reassurance that you have chosen the right bag. So whatever travel plans you have coming up, here’s to a successful and stress-free trip.