Black & Silver Clutches by Calvin Klein Perfect for Any Dress Up Evening Out


With my past two posts being about shoes, I realized that I needed to complement them with a great handbag blog post.  I didn’t have to look any further than these two clutches by Calvin Klein sitting in my closet.  These bags are timeless.  From the beautiful, thick satin to the jewel encrusted inlay in the middle of each bag, these clutches are very durable.

Bags Together

As you can see, these clutches can go with almost any outfit.  They are very versatile in that they are neutral in color.  That makes my job styling my outfits very easy because they are my “go-to” clutches.  As I said, they are durable and from a great brand – Calvin Klein!


Animal Print Wedges & A Prada Bag


Who doesn’t love to coordinate their shoes and handbag?  It’s practically a necessity!  And, it looks fabulous.  I know that I certainly do and as I gaze through the various shoes that I have, I think that I have found a great match.  It’s simple, granted, but it’s a fantastic match for a coordinating outfit.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments section!



I bought this Prada handbag some time ago and I love it!  It goes with practically everything.  Before spring is officially here, I want to get one more wear from these wedge heels and combine them with this Prada bag.  Perhaps I will wear them to dinner with friends?  That seems like the perfect occasion!

Side Angle






I love the craftsmanship of Prada bags as I’ve tried to show here with the buckle and emblem.  It’s truly beautiful!  Prada makes some of the most beautiful and most detailed handbags.  My Prada handbag is usually the first thing that gets complemented when I’m out with friends and for good reason.  The construct of the bag is eye-catching.

These two pieces of my outfit make for conversation wherever I go.  I always try to tone down the outfit that I wearing so as to showcase the shoes and the handbag.  I love the complements that I get and always try to return the favor as my girlfriends are so well dressed too!