Golden Paradise A New Necklace to Match Many Things


I recently bought this necklace because I thought that it would match practically every outfit that I own.  I have several necklaces that have lots of color to them whether it is a single color or multiples.  See this post.  This necklace being gold is also a neutral so it goes with most things.  Another thing that I love about it is that it is a large “chunky” necklace rather than a small dainty one.  This means that it will make a bold statement whether I wear it!

Gold Necklace
I love the way the necklace catches the light.  It is a stunning piece that didn’t break the bank to purchase!  That is the best part.  I can’t wait to style it with some of my summer pieces.  Stay tuned as you’ll see this piece again!

Marchesa Necklace from Nordstrom From The Pages of a Fashion Magazine


I saw this Marchesa necklace in the pages of one of my fashion magazines.  I subscribe to them all so I could not tell you to any degree of certainty which one.  However, I saw it and fell in love with it.  I went to and found the necklace and earrings (not shown in photo we took below) and bought them both as a sort of late Christmas/early Valentine’s Day gift to myself.  It was a bit of an impulse buy, but those can be the best kind!

The necklace is exquisite.  It is everything that the online photo advertised and more.  It is very luxurious and fits much like a choker, but it has plenty of volume to it.  The necklace contains several gold roses with crystals in the center.  I have not worn in yet, but I can think of an upcoming romantic holiday coming up for which it might be perfect!

Marchesa Necklace(Photo © 2016 Ian Anderson)

Marchesa Necklace - Close Up(Photo © 2016 Ian Anderson)