Necklaces from New Orleans Shopping in the French Quarter!

New Orleans Necklace

When I visit New Orleans, I always stay in the French Quarter because of its rich history, beauty, and culture.  On one particular visit, I was strolling down Royal Street near Canal Street and I came upon this jewelry store.  The pieces were exquisite.  They were all handmade in the store by Italian artisans.  I bought several pieces, but the two necklaces that I’m showing here truly took my breath away.  The intricate detail in each necklace make a statement and spark a conversation wherever I go.  The sad part?  When I visited New Orleans again sometime later, the store was no longer there, falling prey to hard times or just needing to leave New Orleans perhaps.

What I’m left with are these two stunning pieces from that wonderful trip to New Orleans with my husband.  I’m so excited to share them both with you!

New Orleans Necklace
New Orleans Necklace


Golden Paradise A New Necklace to Match Many Things


I recently bought this necklace because I thought that it would match practically every outfit that I own.  I have several necklaces that have lots of color to them whether it is a single color or multiples.  See this post.  This necklace being gold is also a neutral so it goes with most things.  Another thing that I love about it is that it is a large “chunky” necklace rather than a small dainty one.  This means that it will make a bold statement whether I wear it!

Gold Necklace
I love the way the necklace catches the light.  It is a stunning piece that didn’t break the bank to purchase!  That is the best part.  I can’t wait to style it with some of my summer pieces.  Stay tuned as you’ll see this piece again!