5 Summer Skincare Tips for A Healthy Glow (Guest Post) Guest Writer: Emma Lawson

Apply Sunscreen

Summer is almost around the corner, and although we love everything that it brings, we have to consider how it affects our skin. Everything from simple poolside fun to all day on the beach can have a negative impact on your skin health. Chlorine and salt water can be irritating, while the sun can dry out your skin and lead to premature aging. Not a very appealing outcome, right? Don’t worry, all of these misfortunes can be avoided with proper skincare that includes cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating. However, there are still a few things that can be done if you want to achieve a healthy glow. Here are five of them.

1.     Use Non-Toxic Sunscreen

Apply Sunscreen

Most of the conventional sunscreens contain toxic chemicals (e.g. parabens, homosalate, cinoxate, etc.) that can cause serious damage to your skin. Mineral sunscreens are usually a better choice for your skin because they contain beneficial ingredients, such as zinc and titanium. The time when you apply the sunscreen is also important. You should apply it 15 to 30 minutes before you go outside, to be sure it is fully absorbed until then. It is always useful to wear a hat and sunglasses.

2.     Steam Your Face

Steam Your Face

Besides the regular skincare routine, steaming your face can be an ideal way to unclog the pores and cleanse the skin in order to avoid having those nasty acne breakouts during summer. Fortunately, giving yourself a steam cleaning in the comfort of your home requires no specialized knowledge or equipment:

  • Just fill a pot with water and bring to a boil.
  • Transfer water into a glass bowl, place your face over the bowl, and drape a towel over your head.
  • Stay over the steam for up to 15 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water
  • Place vinegar on a cotton ball and rub it over your face to remove the debris.

3.     Use Natural Products

Use Natural Products

Just as with the sunscreen, other conventional skincare products are also packed with various toxic chemicals that can do your skin more harm than good. Summer is the time when you need something lightweight and gentle for your skin. That’s why it is better to turn to Dermalogica products that can repair your skin without causing any further damage. Mineral makeup is another wise choice.

4.      Consider Natural Solutions

consider natural solutions

However, most of the skincare solutions you need can be found in your very own kitchen. Here are some ideas:

  • Massage your skin with coconut water for softness and glow.
  • Use lemon as a tan remover.
  • Rosewater is great for a daily wash.
  • An evening massage with cold milk will cleanse and moisturize your skin.
  • Yogurt and honey can be great moisturizers.
  • Watermelon and cucumber juice will truly freshen up your face in this hot season.

5.     Take Care of the Sensitive Areas and Look Beyond the Face

Look Beyond Your Face

First, the most sensitive areas of your face are those where your skin is the thinnest. Those are the area around your eyes and your lips. The application of a lip balm and sufficient water intake can both help in facilitating your protection against UV rays, but you should search for a balm with SPF and exfoliate your lips from time to time. As for the area around your eyes, besides the usual sunscreen application, you should wear sunglasses and apply an eye cream every night. Your face may be the biggest secret-teller, but you should also nourish your body with sunscreen and body butter.

While you are having the time of your life in the summer sun, your skin is going through a lot of issues, and since it is always there to protect you, you should also try to protect it. In return, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful complexion and a healthy glow.


Author Bio:

Emma Lawson is an online article editor at ripped.me. She likes to do explore the true meaning of “a healthy lifestyle” and share it with her audience. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson 


5 Summer Skincare Tips for a Healthy Glow

Celebrity Makeup Artists Reveal Their Beauty Secrets (Guest Post) Guest Writer: Sophia Smith

Celebrity Makeup Artists
Let’s Take a Peek at Beauty Secrets of Celebrity Makeup Artists

Celebrity Makeup Artists

Even though you probably already have an established makeup routine you stick to no matter what, you may want to know about a few tricks that can make your makeup even more fabulous and long-lasting. If you’re interested in some useful tips, stay with us and read about six of them shared by celebrity makeup artists. Enjoy!

To prime is not a crime

Celebrity Makeup Artists

The fact is that an appropriate foundation is essential, but many women make a huge mistake by not prepping the skin before applying it. That’s exactly when your primer should step in, since it’s an essential step towards flawless complexion. Once your skin is prepped and hydrated, your foundation will have the power to hide all imperfections and create a clean canvas for the rest of your makeup.

A fantastic trick for picking complexion products

Celebrity Makeup Artists

Opting for a proper foundation shade is often considered to be an impossible mission, but that’s because you were probably doing it wrong. Maggie Ford Danielson, Benefit global beauty authority, claims that complexion products should match the inside of your arm, and not the back of your hand. So, the next time you need a foundation or a concealer, make sure to remember this amazing tip!

Pearly white eyeshadow for a luminous skin effect

Celebrity Makeup Artists

If you’re all about gorgeous, luminous skin, you’d like to know that pearly white eyeshadow can do wonders for your complexion. All you should do is to add a tad bit of it to your foundation before applying it to your face. Its tiny particles will give your face the most fantastic glow ever, so don’t forget this trick the next time you have an important event to attend. Apart from pearly white, you can also use golden or bronzy shades.

Apply your blush like a true professional

Celebrity Makeup Artists

Even though you probably use your blush after you’ve applied foundation, the truth is that you should do the other way round. Applying blush before foundation will give your cheeks the most fabulous glow ever, which can be described as a glow that comes from beneath the skin, or as a glow from within. Warm pink and peachy tones are among the prettiest ones, so make sure to always have them in mind!

Make sure your skin is clean before applying makeup

Celebrity Makeup Artists

One of the most important things before applying makeup products straight to your face is that your skin is completely clean and nourished to the max. That’ll allow your makeup to stay on all day long. The best way to do that is to apply a hydrating serum appropriate for your skin type. You should also know that its active ingredients will penetrate better when your skin is clean, so cleanse it thoroughly in the first place. Once that’s done, you can start your makeup routine without fear!

Don’t forget the Holy Grail of makeup

Celebrity Makeup Artists

Mascara can be considered as the Holy Grail of makeup simply because it can do so much for your overall look in just a minute of your time. Just a coat of it can make a huge difference, whereas two coats really do wonders. They will help your eyes look much bigger, which contributes to an overall wide awake look. Instead of the usual wiggling technique, you can always brush your lashes straight from the root to the tip. They will look much longer and more defined this way.

Each of these six tips is beyond useful, which is exactly why you should bear them in mind the next time you decide to do your makeup. Even though you’ve already established your routine, the truth is that you can always upgrade and perfect it to the max, which will definitely make it more long-lasting and more beautiful. Don’t be afraid to give them a try!


 Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends, DIY projects and natural beauty products. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life.

Find her on: Facebook  Twitter  Google +


Celebrity Makeup Secrets