Fashionista’s Guide to Summer Vacation Packing (Guest Post) Guest Writer: Sophia Smith

Fashionista’s Guide to Summer Vacation Packing

Fashionista’s Guide to Summer Vacation Packing

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just appear at the destination of our choosing without going through the whole hassle of packing, lugging our suitcases, and uncomfortable flights? Sadly, we haven’t yet discovered teleports, nor magic, so we’re kind of stuck. But hey, as long as you get to lounge on the beach and sunbathe like a bronzed sun goddess in the end, you’re all good.

However, before you get to do that, you have to pack, and deciding on how much stuff you want to bring versus how much you actually need, can be a nightmare. So, take out your suitcase and get ready, we’re figuring out fashionista essentials here and you want to be writing this down.

High SPF

High SPF

Everyone knows this by now, but it bears repeating – bring your damn sunscreen. People technically know they’re supposed to bring it and use it all the time, but they keep finding excuses, especially if they’re dark skinned. All you ladies out there need to protect your skin, and not just from sunburn. The heat and UV radiation can cause premature aging and cancer, so don’t play around with this, especially if you’re going somewhere tropical.

Light layers

Light layers

It’s summer and you’re going somewhere warm, so of course most of your wardrobe can be tiny, skimpy pieces that make you look sexy as hell, but you do want to keep in mind the cool nights and sudden storms so they wouldn’t catch you off guard. There’s usually no real need for sweaters, but a bunch of shirts that you can layer, a light cardigan or maybe a jacket and you’re set. Pick something that’s easy to combine, like the classic and ever beautiful French Riviera styled pieces – Breton stripes, straw hats, sailor dresses and chambray tops. Or if you’re looking for something more bright, clothes in vivid, solid colors are very popular this year, as is the retro 80s style.

The cutest bathing suit you can find

The cutest bathing suit you can find

What’s the point of summer vacations if you don’t have the perfect bathing suit? What are you gonna do, stay at the hotel the whole time because you don’t feel sexy enough for the beach? Oh no, that won’t do – you need to find a fun, trendy piece that fits you like a glove and makes you look like a sultry seductress. And you know what, you should totally have that, something that makes you look and feel great.

Simple, sporty bikinis can be your go-to for this summer or, if you’re more into boho chic, pick the crochet style which you can wear under a lacy cover up. The trend that takes the cake for 2017 is stylish one piece swimwear, so look for something with a halter neck and bold prints. It’s cool that one piece swimsuits are popular again because swimming won’t be an issue and they hide all your problem areas easily. But if you’re a big girl, don’t be afraid to rock a bikini – there are styles that can totally compliment your body; for example, Camilla Spirit Animal Bikini Set that reflects luxurious yet stunningly boho look.

Versatile clothing and accessories

Versatile clothing and accessories

Since most planes have restrictions on the weight of baggage you can bring and you probably don’t want to lug five suitcases, whatever you pack needs to be practical. But we don’t want to be boring, now do we? What’s the point of a vacation where you can’t show off your style? The solution here is to bring clothes that can be worn in more than one way, and a bunch of accessories.

For example, a light blouse with a floral print that can be worn on its own, or over a tank top, or completely transformed by tying the hem of it into a cute knot – another cool trend for this year. Thin maxi dresses are breezy and comfortable for the summer, or light jumpsuits that can be combined with hoop earrings and a silky scarf. And do make sure to bring a few pieces of jewelry, a hat, and some sexy shades – basically a nice number of accessories that you can use to make your outfits pop.

Makeup and skincare

Makeup and skincare

Since our skin isn’t really able to take a vacation like we are, we do need to bring all our favorite cosmetics with us. Cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a body lotion at the very least. And for the evenings out when you want to look sexy, makeup can give you that touch of glamour. If you’re the minimalist kind of girl then a simple BB cream, mascara and bright lipstick are enough, but for the makeup artist wannabes out there make sure you bring a lightweight foundation, bronzer, blush and a small eyeshadow palette as well. A mattifying powder and setting spray are a good idea because you’ll sweat a lot and you want to keep your makeup in place.

One last thing – when packing your stuff use the super roll trick so you’d have more space in your suitcases. It’s both practical and it lets you indulge and bring a bunch of cute, fashionable outfits which is what any stylish woman craves for. So, pack up, bring your good mood and enjoy the vacation!


Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends, DIY projects and natural beauty products. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life.

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