Our Own Best Friends Desire to Inspire 3/7/2016


DVF Her Own Best Friend

I love this quote by Diane von Furstenberg.  Life is so much easier with friends that is for certain.  It makes life a lot more fun and interesting. However, when you come to rely on yourself as your own best friend, life is more secure and that is the best kind of life.  When a woman relies on herself as her own best friend, she has a true friendship.  That certainly makes life much easier to have a true friend upon which you can always rely.


Gratitude Journal Tuesday's Desire to Inspire 3/1/2016


Gratitude Journal2(Photo © 2016 Jack Canfield)

This week, I am bringing you Desire to Inspire on Tuesday.  I have been so busy preparing for St. Augustine Fashion Week that I was not able to get this out to you yesterday.  My apologies.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been keeping a gratitude journal in addition to my regular activity journaling that I do every night.  It takes minimal time, but it very fulfilling.  I write in Jack Canfield’s Gratitude Journal which is pictured above and can be purchased here.   It begins at the beginning of the year and covers the entire year.  You can start at anytime during the year and just finish up at the same time the following year.  Each day has only five lines so the commitment to write is minimal.