Spring: A Time For Renewal Wedding, then Marriage, then Anniversaries!


Spring A Time of Renewal
Spring is a beautiful time of year.  Everything is in bloom and starting a new cycle.  In many ways, Spring is like New Year’s in that you get the opportunity to start all over.  Except with Spring, the weather is usual beautiful and summer is right around the corner.  Spring truly is inspirational!  It is a time when everything that has laid dead or wilted during the frigid winter months suddenly comes to life!


Our Own Best Friends Desire to Inspire 3/7/2016


DVF Her Own Best Friend

I love this quote by Diane von Furstenberg.  Life is so much easier with friends that is for certain.  It makes life a lot more fun and interesting. However, when you come to rely on yourself as your own best friend, life is more secure and that is the best kind of life.  When a woman relies on herself as her own best friend, she has a true friendship.  That certainly makes life much easier to have a true friend upon which you can always rely.