On Trend with Distressed Jeans

Distressed Jeans

Everywhere you look these days someone is rockin’ a pair of distressed jeans.  Personally, I love the deconstructed look.  It’s trendy and haphazard.  It shows a deliberate carelessness that only fashion can represent or resurrect.  Fashion has always been about rebellion and deconstructed jeans say just that: I’m here and I’m not conforming to the traditional rules.  What’s not to love?

Distressed Jeans
Consider Trying These Deconstructed Jeans
Distressed Jeans
Are you on board with the distressed jeans trend?  If so, how often do you wear them?

Bomber Jackets: Spring’s “Go-To” Jacket Do You Have Spring's Must Have Jacket in Your Wardrobe?

Bomber Jacket

Although Spring is here and it is nice and warm here in sunny Florida, some of you may live in areas where you still need a jacket during those chilly mornings or evenings.  The Bomber Jacket is the “it” jacket of the season.  Style Expert Rachel Smith from Amazon’s Style Code Live called the Bomber Jacket “Spring’s go-to jacket”.  Trust me, she is one smart lady and definitely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to style, fashion, beauty, and, well, life in general.

Check out this collage of various styles of Bomber Jackets and then find the links below it for the ones that you can purchase from Amazon.com.

Bomber Jacket Trend

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Click to Purchase these Awesome Bomber Jackets from Amazon.com

Mojessy Floral Print Quilted Bomber Jacket
Fashionazzle Solid Quilted Bomber Jacket
Allegra K Multi-Pocket Bomber Jacket
Lovaru Velvet Rose Embroidery Bomber Jacket
Blank NYC Printed Bomber Jacket

Spring's Bomber Jacket Trend

Which is your favorite Bomber Jacket?  Personally, I love the ones with all of the embroidery.  I would love to hear from you!  Drop me a line in the comments below with your thoughts on Bomber Jackets.