Ballet Flats Are Always In Season


Ballet_Flats_PentagonI love my ballet flats.  I am 5’10” tall so heels are not always necessary for me (thank goodness).  The above collection of flats goes with almost everything in my wardrobe.  The dark pair of ballet flats are Vera Wang and are more of a winter shoe because they are made from wool, while all the other shoes can be worn in summer or winter. (The other ballet flats are by Coach, Nine West, and Target.)

Ballet flats are still on trend; however some lace-up this season creating more visual interest in the shoe.  I don’t have a pair of those yet, but I might be on the look out for some!

Regardless of the trends, ballet flats are timeless.  They go great with skinny jeans or a skirt or this season’s hot item: culottes. Wear them however you wish for they are always in style.

Last Dance with Mary Jane A Great Shoe But Only For A Season



I don’t usually wear a lot a Mary Jane heels in the spring/summer months unless it’s a professional occasion.  So, I like to put away my three pairs and not bring them out until fall approaches.  In Florida, our seasons are most likely very different from what your experience, especially if you enjoy all four seasons.  Here, on the Florida Panhandle, we only have two months of winter and a couple of months of fall, the rest is either spring or summer.  While I don’t see anything wrong with wearing my Mary Jane’s in the spring and summer months, they just don’t seem appropriate.  Florida calls for sandals, and, in my opinion, the dressier the better.

With that being said, I wanted to share with you the Mary Jane’s that are part of my wardrobe.  I have already posted a pair at the top of this post.  The other two are at the bottom. I have bought them from all different places – from Marshall’s to Nordstrom.  They are one of my favorite type of shoe to wear because they are both stylish and comfortable at the same time.  I love it because they stand out from the traditional heel and, when I wear them, someone will undoubtedly say “Love your shoes! Where did you get them?”

I love sharing my shoe wardrobe with you!  Let me know what you think of my Mary Jane’s in the blog comments section.