Leopard Print Boots From My Boot Collection


With the cold weather upon us (even here in Florida), I was going through my boot collection which is quite expansive given that I live in Florida and wear boots about one-to-two months out of the year.  Anyways, I came across these gems – my leopard print boots.  I have not worn them in a couple of years so I had to show them off tonight!

_E9Q3465_web(Photo © 2016 Ian Anderson)

Leopard print is great with an all-black or all-brown outfit because it puts the focus on the boots or shoes.  I usually combine the boots with black and brown clothing just to mix things up a bit.  I think too much color is distracting and makes the outfit look almost disheveled.  I love putting the focus on my boots!

_E9Q3458_web(Photo © 2016 Ian Anderson)

After finding these boots, I came up with an idea that I hope you will enjoy.  You may have noticed that my categories at the top of my blog have changed a bit.  I have added a “Shoes” category and I am going to catalog many of my shoes as well as shoes that I adore.  I have collected a good number of shoes over the years and I look forward to showing you my favorites!  I suppose my blog is ever-evolving, but that’s great because so am I!

_E9Q3460_web(Photo © 2016 Ian Anderson)

My New Stuart Weitzman Shoes Love Them!



(Photo © 2015 Ian Anderson)

There is nothing like the fit of a well-crafted shoe.  And no one designs it better than Stuart Weitzman.  His shoes are crafted to fit every foot like a glove and they are very comfortable to wear.  I recently purchased the above-pictured shoes at Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Beach.  The color is a neutral metallic so they complement many outfits in my wardrobe.  I haven’t worn them yet but I can’t wait to debut them!

I became a fan of Stuart Weitzman while watching America’s Next Top Model.  As a prize for winning a challenge on the show, Mr. Weitzman gave away several pairs of his shoes to the winner.  He was so gracious and kind to all the ladies, regardless of whether they won or loss.  Also, it was evident that he was very proud of his shoes and he work the he had put into designing them.  I gained a lot a respect for Mr. Weitzman and his company during that episode and I love buying his shoes because of it!