Emma & Chloé French Jewelry Subscription Boxes A Review of the June Box + Code

Emma & Chloe June Subscription Box Necklace

Financial compensation was not received by me for this blog post. A sample product was gifted to me from Emma & Chloé for my review. Opinions expressed here are solely my own.


My June subscription box from Emma & Chloé arrived a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to share all the great information that I have about its contents with you! From photos to videos to my own personal review, there is so much to put in this post!  I’ll definitely try to be succinct and organized so you won’t miss any of the information!

Emma & Chloe June Subscription Box Necklace

I.    History of Emma & Chloé*

The idea for Emma & Chloé began in the Fashion Week streets of Paris while hunting the most cutting-edge work from the most up-and-coming designers. The pieces had to be unique, chic and embody the highly-coveted French style.

From pop-up shops to invite-only trunk shows, the Fashion Capital of the World offered a wealth of emerging talent, just waiting to be discovered. It was an exciting, challenging and, above all, time-consuming task.

It was then the concept was born: Why not showcase our discoveries to France’s most stylish women by bringing these high-quality, fashion-forward jewelry designs straight their doors?

Four years and 13,000 subscribers later, Emma & Chloé now brings the best of French jewelry design to women all across Europe and the United States.

*This information came directly from the Emma & Chloé website.

II.     Creation of the Month

Emma & Chloe June Jewelry Subscription Box

Emma & Chloe June Jewelry Subscription Box

Of course you want to know what is contained in the jewelry box, right?  The June box contains a stunning necklace called the Sunhorn necklace which is made of brass and gilded with gold or soaked in a silver bath.  The June jewelry designer is Vadine Sister.  Contained in the jewelry box is a “June Gazette” which has a ten question interview with the designer.

III.     Review

The Sunhorn necklace is very eye-catching and quite beautiful.  My necklace is gold because it goes better with my skin tone and I can wear it with a myriad of different styles from casual to more formal dress.  It is interchangeable with different outfits.  The necklace is quite versatile because you can wear it in the back or front as seen in the photos provided below by Emma & Chloé.

Emma & Chloe June Jewelry

Emma & Chloe June Jewelry

VI.     Special Offer for Subscription Plan + CODE

Would you like your very own Sunhorn necklace in your choice of gold or silver?  If so, be sure to subscribe before June 30th!  To get $10 off your very own subscription plan, just use the code STYLE10.  You will begin receiving stunning French jewelry pieces in the mail each month!  How exciting!


Interview with Dallas Lifestyle Blogger Tanya Foster Actually, she wears many hats: Lifestyle + Fashion + Beauty + Travel Blogger

Tanya Foster

Introducing Tanya Foster, a very popular Dallas lifestyle blogger who commands attention!  Her style is impeccable and her words are inspiring.  Check out her Q&A below to get a glimpse into the life of this amazing woman!  You can visit her blog at TanyaFoster.com.

Tanya Foster

1.     Hi Tanya! Please describe your blog and what your motivations were for starting such an awesome endeavor.

I started my blog in January 2014. It was my New Year’s Resolution to learn something new and conquer technology. The blog was born!

2.     What type of person is your blog geared to reach? Who is your ideal audience?  Who would you like to help with your articles and advice?

The TanyaFoster.com reader is typically 40+ female who likes luxury. They are sophisticated and expect the best. My reader also enjoys it when I find new beauty devised or share a skincare treatment with them.

Tanya Foster

3.     What other bloggers/blogs inspire you?

Oh gosh, there are so many. I would say the only blogger I was following before I launched my site was Rach Parcell of  Pink Peonies. Her aesthetic never disappoints. Then I started to add more and still follow about 20 bloggers daily.

4.     How do you balance life and your blog?

Blogging is only one of the things I do. It helps that I started my blog when I was becoming an empty nester. I’m also a non-profit consultant. Since I work from home, I manage my own time. I absolutely love this time in life!

Tanya Foster

5.     What are some of your favorite articles that you have written?

The ones where I get a bit more personal seem to resonate with my audience. Here are a few of them:




6.     What are your goals/dreams/ambitions for your blog and yourself?

I would love to grow this little space of mine and continue to help my readers. It’s a lot of work but I absolutely love it. I think if you are in the digital space just to make money, you’re in it for the wrong reason.

Tanya Foster

7.     Who is your favorite style icon?

I don’t really have one. But I do love the style of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and  Sofia Loren. Perhaps I missed my mark in fashion and need to be in the 1950’s. Such a great time for sophisticated style and fashion!

8.     What is the best piece of advice that you have even been given?

“When God closes a door, he opens a window.” That one has gotten me through a lot of things in life.  Specifically for blogging this one was very sound: “Stay true to yourself and they will find you.”  It seems like it would take forever for the blog to take off but saying true to yourself is the #1 thing I would tell new bloggers.

Tanya Foster

9.     How would you best describe your style?

Minimalist, classic and monochromatic. I don’t really like prints. They tend to wear me instead of me wearing them.

10.     What inspires you to write articles for your blog?

I publish a blog post 5 times a week (sometimes 6) so I try to mix it up. My verticles are fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. I try not to have more than 40% sponsored posts and I only accept sponsored content that I truly believe in. If I try a new product, I try it for 2 weeks before blogging about it. Only items that I like will make it to the blog. There are hundreds of products that I have tried that didn’t make it. I feel a huge responsibility to be 100% honest with my reader. Once you compile all those directives, its easy to write content.

Tanya Foster

11.     What is your background?

I have a BSED and taught high school for 2 years. I decided that I didn’t want to live my life dictated by a bell schedule and got a job in the business world. Once I was married, I stayed home to raise our children. It’s the most important job in the world! Like I said earlier, they year I was going to become an empty nester, I launder the blog.

12.     Since starting your blog, what have been some of your greatest achievements?

I would say getting published in other publications. It’s a HUGE honor to be interviewed.

Here is one that just happened:

Over 40 And Rocking Instagram

13.     What are your future plans for your blog?

Just keep up the daily work and let it grow organically.

14.     What advice would you give up-and-coming fashion bloggers who are just starting out?

The same advice that was given to me. Stay true to yourself! The digital space can be hard to navigate. Find a niche and carve our something special to cover on your site. Consistency is key. You can’t decide that you want to give up after 4 months. I’ve been at it for 3 1/2 years and I’m still figuring it out.

Tanya Foster

15.     What advice would you give women who seek to become more fashionable or stylish?

It’s the same advice I give myself. Stay true to your style. You can try a trend that fits you but don’t try to incorporate everything new. You will overwhelm yourself, spend a bunch of money on things you will not wear and get frustrated easily. For example, if you have never worn animal print but want to try it, try purchasing once piece and incorporating it into your wardrobe. Perhaps start with a leopard print clutch bag. Accessories are the easiest way to incorporate a fashion trend.

Tanya Foster


Tanya Foster Pinterest