Zang Toi RTW S/S 2018: Luxe Life on Lake Garda A Beautiful Collection with Inspiration from Afar

Zang Toi RTW Spring 2018

Sometimes one mustn’t wait to get inspired – one must go to the inspiration.  After visiting Lake Garda (Lago di Gardo), in northeastern Italy, designer Datuk Zang Toi became so enamored with the lake’s beautiful colors that he created his S/S 2018 collection based on the beauty that he experienced while visiting that Italian lake.  Toi also found the lake as a place of rejuvenation where different ideas and concepts could be brought to life.

Vibrant emerald green and robin’s egg blue abound as each design reflects the beauty of the color scheme found in Lake Garda.  White and black were also prevalent in the collection.  The show began with a floor-length, emerald green, chiffon jacket with beautiful Chantilly lace embroidery as an added embellishment to its stunning color.  It was accented by a matching choker as was each design in the collection.  Tunics, pantsuits, silk blouses, dresses, handkerchief skirts, pants and blouses followed, each design building on the beauty of the previous one.  The handkerchief skirts featured sketches by Toi which were exquisite.  Two caftans were floor length; ideal for an afternoon in the Hamptons or Palm Beach.  Horizontal stripes made an appearance as a sweater set in several designs in both emerald green and robin’s egg blue.  The grand finale featured intricate sequins and beading on pants, a ball gown, and a large oversized coat.  The sequins and beading were in the shapes of Toi’s sketches.

This collection showed a glimpse into the heart and soul of the designer.  It demonstrated Toi’s passion for nature and its beauty.  He derived the most beautiful aspects of his experience at Lake Garda and showed them beautifully in this collection.

Zang Toi’s New Boutique in New York City

After a five-year search, Zang Tpi finally found the perfect location to open his first boutique which is in New York City.  Although his showroom and office are quite large, he wanted a boutique so that his upscale clients could peruse his designs in luxury.

Located on Lexington Avenue, the store opened the afternoon of Wednesday, September 13th, just after Zang Toi’s collection showed at New York Fashion Week.  The insignia “Zang Toi” greeted clients as they entered the exquisitely designed boutique.  A number of prominent guests streamed into the new boutique to give their well-wishes to the Malaysian-born designer.

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses by Uncommon Goods Sponsored Post

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

This is a sponsored post.  I received financial compensation in exchange for my fair and honest opinion of a product from Uncommon Goods.  All opinions stated in this post are solely my own.

I.     Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses by Uncommon Goods

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

What do you do when your party hits a flat note and your guests are ready to bolt for the door?  Charm them with music, of course!  I located the most unique item at Uncommon Goods: Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses.  There wine glasses are not only beautiful, but they play music right down to the exact note.  How, you might ask, can the glasses play musical notes?  Just fill each goblet to the desired note delineated on each glass and and move your moistened finger around the rim of each glass.  Like a beautiful note on a violin, the glass will vibrate and a crystal-clear note will sound.  It is that simple!  Your guests may erupt with applause at the conclusion of this symphonic display.  And the great news is that wine accessories, including glasses, make great gifts for just about anyone!

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

This is the perfect item to purchase for myself.  I do not play an instrument, but I’ve always wanted to play something.  These goblets give me the opportunity to be musical.  I have several friends who would adore these as gifts because they entertain quite often.  This would be a great addition to their parties and soirees.  With my girlfriends’ upcoming birthday celebrations, there is a great selection at Uncommon Goods for women.  One way that I ensure that my family and friends know how much I care about them is to personalize their gifts.  It shows how much thought that I put into each gift that I have selected.

Each Musical Scale Wine Glass accommodates a full A-major scale with each note labeled with sandblasted fill lines.  The website contains different sheet music for you to download and play your favorite songs!

II.     Uncommon Goods:  About The Company

To maintain an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and rewarding place to work, Uncommon Goods has outlined several mission statements that all work together to achieve these goals.  A positive workplace where treating each individuals with dignity is paramount and ingrained in their culture.  They also include handmade, recycled, and organic products in their merchandise assortment.  They use recycled or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) derived paper for their catalogs. (FSC paper comes from forests harvested in a sustainable manner).