Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses by Uncommon Goods Sponsored Post

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

This is a sponsored post.  I received financial compensation in exchange for my fair and honest opinion of a product from Uncommon Goods.  All opinions stated in this post are solely my own.

I.     Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses by Uncommon Goods

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

What do you do when your party hits a flat note and your guests are ready to bolt for the door?  Charm them with music, of course!  I located the most unique item at Uncommon Goods: Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses.  There wine glasses are not only beautiful, but they play music right down to the exact note.  How, you might ask, can the glasses play musical notes?  Just fill each goblet to the desired note delineated on each glass and and move your moistened finger around the rim of each glass.  Like a beautiful note on a violin, the glass will vibrate and a crystal-clear note will sound.  It is that simple!  Your guests may erupt with applause at the conclusion of this symphonic display.  And the great news is that wine accessories, including glasses, make great gifts for just about anyone!

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

This is the perfect item to purchase for myself.  I do not play an instrument, but I’ve always wanted to play something.  These goblets give me the opportunity to be musical.  I have several friends who would adore these as gifts because they entertain quite often.  This would be a great addition to their parties and soirees.  With my girlfriends’ upcoming birthday celebrations, there is a great selection at Uncommon Goods for women.  One way that I ensure that my family and friends know how much I care about them is to personalize their gifts.  It shows how much thought that I put into each gift that I have selected.

Each Musical Scale Wine Glass accommodates a full A-major scale with each note labeled with sandblasted fill lines.  The website contains different sheet music for you to download and play your favorite songs!

II.     Uncommon Goods:  About The Company

To maintain an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and rewarding place to work, Uncommon Goods has outlined several mission statements that all work together to achieve these goals.  A positive workplace where treating each individuals with dignity is paramount and ingrained in their culture.  They also include handmade, recycled, and organic products in their merchandise assortment.  They use recycled or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) derived paper for their catalogs. (FSC paper comes from forests harvested in a sustainable manner).

Emma & Chloé French Jewelry July Subscription Box Review of July Subscription Box

Emma & Chloe July Bracelet

Financial compensation was not received by me for this blog post. A sample product was gifted to me from Emma & Chloé for my review. Opinions expressed here are solely my own.


My July subscription box from Emma & Chloé arrived a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to share all the great information that I have about its contents with you! From photos to my own personal review, there is so much to put in this post!  I’ll definitely try to be succinct and organized so you won’t miss any of the information!  In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at this month’s jewelry piece! Emma & Chloe July Bracelet

Emma & Chloe July Bracelet

I.    History of Emma & Chloé*

The idea for Emma & Chloé began in the Fashion Week streets of Paris while hunting the most cutting-edge work from the most up-and-coming designers. The pieces had to be unique, chic and embody the highly-coveted French style.

From pop-up shops to invite-only trunk shows, the Fashion Capital of the World offered a wealth of emerging talent, just waiting to be discovered. It was an exciting, challenging and, above all, time-consuming task.

It was then the concept was born: Why not showcase our discoveries to France’s most stylish women by bringing these high-quality, fashion-forward jewelry designs straight their doors?

Four years and 13,000 subscribers later, Emma & Chloé now brings the best of French jewelry design to women all across Europe and the United States.

*This information came directly from the Emma & Chloé website.

II.     Creation of the Month

Emma & Chloe July Bracelet

Emma & Chloe July Bracelet

Emma & Chloe July Bracelet

Of course you want to know what is contained in the jewelry box, right?  The July box contains a stunning bangle bracelet called the Summer Cauri designed by Nilai Comar.  Ms. Comar is a bohemian inspired jewelry designer from Turkey. Her pieces relay a story of her childhood, having spent 18 years venturing daily to the great bazaar of Istanbul. Her collections are an explosion of color and eastern aesthetic that exude the essence of summer. Also contained in the jewelry box is a “July Gazette” which has a ten question interview with the designer.

III.     Review

Emma & Chloe July Bracelet

The Summer Cauri bangle bracelet is a stunning piece that goes with everything that I wear!  It goes easily around my wrist, yet it is secure enough that I don’t have to worry about it slipping off my wrist.  It is a solid piece that is very well-structured as well.  I love this piece and I am able to wear it every day!

VI.     Special Offer for Subscription Plan + CODE

Emma & Chloe July Bracelet

Want your very own subscription plan and receive a special piece a jewelry each month?  Subscribe here and use the code “FLYTOPARIS” to receive $15 off any box subscription and be entered for a chance to win two flights to Paris!


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