Interview with Travel & Style Blogger Emily Robertson 15 Questions with this London Travel & Style Blogger!

Emily Robertson

Emily Robertson

1.     Hi Emily! Please describe your blog and what your motivations were for starting such an awesome endeavor.

            Back in middle and high school I had a YouTube channel where I posted videos in the style and makeup category. I got bullied out of it by a classmate, and letting her stop me from something I loved still bothers me to this day. I had thought about blogging for a while and when I studied abroad I just took the plunge. Being in a new environment inspired me so much in photography, actually being in the images, and writing about new, exciting things. My blog has been with me now since the best time of my life and I hope it grows with me through the rest!

2.     What type of person is your blog geared to reach? Who is your ideal audience?  Who would you like to help with your articles and advice?

I’d like to think that people just like me are reading my blog, but at the same time I am so thrilled when I hear from people all over the world enjoying what I post. My ideal reader is just looking to get a little inspiration. I’d like to help them go explore more parts of the world and do so while rocking their favorite outfits!

3.     What other bloggers/blogs inspire you?

In terms of big name bloggers, I read Arielle Charnas ( and Amber Fillerup ( blogs religiously. I’m also obsessed with two bloggers my own age that are actually roommates in LA – Payton Sartain ( and Molly Hogan ( They have my exact taste in clothes and throw in a bunch of lifestyle/blogging tips as well!

4.     How do you balance life and your blog?

I don’t go overboard on the amount of posts I do. Working a full time job means I’ll post once a week. If I had a part time or work from home job I could commit to more, but I would always rather have one quality post that I know I am proud of than three I threw together in one night.

Emily Robertson

5.     What are some of your favorite articles that you have written?

My current favorite post is one I did on Urban Outfitters. I started a personal challenge for myself to pick out full outfits from single store, and this was the first in my series! I had so much fun picking out the clothes, locations to shoot, and got incredible feedback on it. I cannot wait to continue with more stores!  Click here for the blog post!

6.     What are your goals/dreams/ambitions for your blog and yourself?

For my blog, I’d like to post more often, but only if I can fully stand behind the quality of the post. I really enjoy blogs that post several times a week, if not daily, so I’d like to get better at time management. Aside from that, I’d really love to step outside of my comfort zone and try some new trends and brands I haven’t worn before.

Emily Robertson

7.    Who is your favorite style icon?

I have been a long time fan of the Olsen twins’ style, but more recently I have turned to getting inspiration from Selena Gomez. She has been rocking a lot of ripped denim and mules and I am all about the comfy-but-not-too-casual look!

8.     What is the best piece of advice that you have even been given?

Once my dad told me “dreamers dream, doers do. you’ve managed to do both” and while it’s not necessarily advice, it taught me to really reach for those things I’ve been wanting. It’s funny because he actually just commented it the first time he read my blog and it has stuck with me since! I swear I think about it every day and it sheds a little perspective on things when I catch myself daydreaming.

Emily Robertson

9.     How would you best describe your style?

It sounds a bit broad but my style is just simplistic. I love getting dressed up for events or a night out as much as the next girl, but day to day you can catch me in some distressed denim and a black top with some gold jewelry mixed in! Currently obsessing over striped bodysuits and rings with a pair of slip on sandals!

10.     What inspires you to write articles for your blog?

How cheesy does it sound to say it just makes me happy? Few things give me more joy than the process of creating a post. From the pictures to writing to actually linking products I truly love it all. It’s my way to calm down at the end of a busy day, so I find myself drafting up new ideas more and more frequently now.

Emily Robertson

11.     What is your background?

I studied communications in school with two other focuses of tourism and event planning. It was when I got an internship in London at a fashion PR firm that my love for writing and style came together.

12.     Since starting your blog, what have been some of your greatest achievements?

My greatest achievements have been guest blogging and getting opportunities to collaborate with other people. From photographers to other writers, I always believe in the benefit of working with others! It is also an honor to think that other creators enjoy my work enough to want to even contact me!

Emily Robertson

13.     What are your future plans for your blog?

I definitely want to focus more on fashion and posting the outfits I wear more frequently. It can be difficult to always find inspiration to write, but I’ve found I enjoy reading about what other people consider to be their mundane lives, so why not write about mine!

14.     What advice would you give up-and-coming fashion bloggers who are just starting out?

Stop waiting and just go for it! In a world where everyone is trying to get their name out there via social media, it’s so important to get a head start. I had the idea to start blogging years before I did because I was afraid to fail. The past few months I have really thrown myself into it and have started to see success. It is an uphill, ever changing process but it is so rewarding to see people enjoying your content.

Emily Robertson

15.     What advice would you give women who seek to become more fashionable or stylish?

Utilize social media! If it weren’t for YouTube and Instagram I’m not quite sure I’d have any clue to what is stylish versus what isn’t. On that note, just wear what you want! Trends have to start somewhere, why not be at the forefront of a new one?

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Frankies Bikinis from Miami Swim Week 2017 A Fun & Upbeat California Collection

SWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - RunwaySWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - Runway

Frankies Bikinis

Although I was unable to travel to Miami to see this collection on the runway during Miami Swim Week, I absolutely adore this collection by Frankies Bikinis.  It is fun and upbeat and perfect for any party or beach setting!  I live in Florida so I’m always on the lookout for great swimsuits and bikinis and I’ve definitely found them with Frankies Bikinis.  They are so beautiful and unique and I know that all my friends are undoubtedly going to ask (or beg) to know where I got such awesome swimsuits!

As a member of the media/press, I kindly received access to the images from the runway show, as well as the press release which I have copied below because it contains some great information about the collection!  I am also including some images from the runway show that I have selected as my favorites.  Enjoy!SWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - RunwaySWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - Runway
SWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - Runway

Malibu, California (July 24, 2017)— On Saturday, July 22nd 2017, Frankies Bikinis debuted their 2018 Resort Collection, Golden State of Mind, at the SWIMMIAMI Tent in Miami Beach Florida with over 400 guests in attendance including: celebrities and top social influencers, leading editors and buyers. Models, including Kyra Santoro, Josie Canseco, Sofia Jamora and Ashley Moore, took to the stage to strut their stuff in designer Francesca Aiello’s newest collection of sexy, California-inspired swimwear.
SWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - Runway

SWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - Runway

Golden State of Mind pulls colors, textures and prints from the natural beauty of the California coast, incorporating breathtaking hues reminiscent of the ocean and soft sunsets. This season, Frankies Bikinis showed off a sportier side, utilizing new cuts and colors in ultra-flattering fabrics, making each style effortless and adaptable. Francesca’s goal was to create a collection that was transitional, allowing girls to go from the beach to beyond, simply by throwing on a pair of cutoffs. Runway looks were finished by 90s inspired accessories including clear boots and furry heels provided by GoJane.

SWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - Runway

SWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - Runway

Stroke of Beauty created holographic 90s inspired makeup looks that featured iridescent eye shadows, glossy pink lips and dewy skin, finished with long, natural lashes created exclusively for the show by Blink! By Montana. IGK designed two hair looks, one inspired by the cult-classic movie Clueless– waist length straight hair parted down the middle, and the second look, double boxer braids. To achieve the Rapunzel-esque waist length, pin-straight look, luxe hair extensions provided by ONYC were styled using DAFNI hair straightening ceramic brushes. Skin was bronzed to perfection thanks to Skinny Tan and the models’ looks were finished with custom manicures from LVX using Crimson, a deep vivid red polish.

SWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - Runway

SWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - Runway

The dreamy stage setup was reminiscent of a giant slumber party, complete with a nostalgia-inducing bed. Backstage, models donned custom silk robes provided by Pretty Robes. Guests enjoyed a unique front of house experience including treatments from beauty sponsors as well as taste goodies from Sugar Factory, including flutes of champagne flavored gummies and sweet, flirty lollipops. VIP guests were gifted with Herschel Supply Co backpacks filled with goodies, all inspired by the slumber party theme.

SWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - Runway

SWIMMIAMI Frankie's Bikinis 2018 Collection - Runway

“Like everything else in the world, I’m evolving. I’d like to think that my designs for this collection are who I am as a 22 year old woman- different, new and more mature than my last. It’s an elevated aesthetic for the Frankies Girl- effortless, edgy and universally fitting!” – Francesca

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