Eva Longoria Collection The Fall Collection is Available Now

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

*This post contains my honest review of the Eva Longoria Collection.  I was not compensated in anyway for this post.  The opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.

Eva Longoria may be best known for her stand-out role on “Desperate Housewives”, but these days she is quickly making her mark in the fashion world by creating her own fashion label.  Simply called the “Eva Longoria Collection,” the label is brimming with style and transcends generations as many of the label’s styles can be worn by women in their 20’s, 3o’s, and 40’s.

Having a true passion for style and fashion and a talent for sewing since she was seven, Eva’s passion and talent has culminated into this stunning collection.   She is also devoted to making certain that the highest quality textiles are used so that the fabric, color, and pattern will create beautiful lines with each garment and be comfortable as well.

Above all, Eva wants each woman to have confidence and feel empowered in her collection.  She wants to fit their lifestyles and personalities, not only their bodies.  She wanted to create a versatile line so that a women could go from “work to wine” quite easily.

Eva Longoria

Fall Collection

The Fall collection is available now.  This collection has a wide assortment of pieces that are on point: stylish, fun, and comfortable.  Each piece is fitting for Fall weather and conveys warmth, sophistication, and Fall beauty.

Listed below are six of my favorites: three dresses and three casual pieces.  All of these looks, plus plenty more, can be found at www.EvaLongoria.com.

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Eva LongoriaEva LongoriaEva Longoria










Spring/Summer 2018 NYFW Show

Eva Longoria debuts her first ever Spring/Summer 2018 fashion collection at New York Fashion Week on September 13, 2017. The Eva Longoria Fashion Show was covered by Belle Femme Magazine in collaboration with RCAT Media.

After viewing this collection online, I absolutely adore the Eva Longoria Collection even more!  If you are a fan of the Fall collection, you are going to fall in love with the Spring line.

The runway show begins with casual looks with the models wearing white sneakers matched with various comfortable “weekend wear” attire.  It was a perfect way to begin the show because it introduced the audience to the easy living portion of the brand.

Next, palazzo pants in several different colors were shown with crisp white shirts.  They came in orange, teal, white, and brown striped.  Two handkerchief dresses followed, one which was mango orange and the other was in the same striped pattern as the palazzo pants.  Both pieces were obvious crowd pleasers as the cut of the fabric flowed beautifully and the lines of the garment fit perfectly.

The jumpsuit trend appears to be here to stay (thankfully!), at least for a long while, so this collection contained some beautiful jumpsuits in a floral pattern and in white.  One jumpsuit was paired with a cardigan duster which added visual interest to the piece.

My favorite pieces of the collection were the pants: jeans with front slits up the shins and black capri pants with a high/low style at the cuff.  Both pieces moved beautifully on the runway and would, undoubtedly, look amazing wherever you go!

The finale consisted of beautiful dresses that a woman could wear to any spring or summer event such as a wedding, Derby party, garden party, or just about occasion.  The collection ended with a “Little Black Dress”, a beautiful white dress, and a gorgeous lilac silk chiffon dress that flowed perfectly.

This collection is for every woman because there is something in this collection for every woman.  From the casual wear to the more formal pieces, everything is accessible for women of all ages and sizes.  And, it’s so beautiful!  Eva Longoria knows what women want and she is giving it to them one collection at a time.

Stackable Rings: Making a Comeback (Guest Post) Guest Author: Mallory Walker

Stackable Rings

Stackable Rings

Stackable rings have come back into style in a huge way — and it’s easy to see why! The trend allows for so much versatility, and is a great way to dress up your Fall wardrobe. Whether you’re into a more understated look or you’re a bold fashionista, you’re going to love bringing stacked rings back into your repertoire.

Accessorize for the Fall

When your outfits consist of comfy turtleneck sweaters and cozy circle scarves, accessorizing can be a challenge. Necklaces run the risk of being drowned out by layers, and bracelets end up being covered by long-sleeved jackets. That’s why stackable rings are the perfect way to add some bling to your outfit this Fall.

Tips on Nailing This Look

  • Mix it up: Don’t be afraid to mix your metals. If you’re unsure of the look, wear the same ring in different finishes.
  • Play with Placement: One of the cutest ways to wear this look is to pair thin and dainty midi rings with regular rings. Use up your entire finger!
  • Pair Different Styles: A really cool way to punch up your look is to pair dainty, simple rings with thick, cuff-like rings or bold statement rings.

Stackable Rings

Versatile Enough for Any Aesthetic

Absolutely anyone can add stacked rings to their wardrobe. Whether you love minimalism, the boho chic look, or prefer a more feminine style, this trend will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

  • For the minimalists out there, pair your monochromatic sweaters and booties with simple bands of the same metal and style in varying sizes — mini, midi, and large — onto one finger for a cool and sophisticated look.
  • Chunky knits and patterned scarves have met their match with this trend: pair funky rings with different metals for an easy, breezy style that stands out. Spread multiple rings out over all your fingers for an upgraded aesthetic.
  • If your style consists of bold patterns and bright colors, combine flashy statement rings with simple stacks across your fingers for an irresistibly flashy look.
  • Pair a simple sweater, leggings, and riding boot outfit with a simple, thin band ring on each finger. Step this up by playing with midi and mini ring sizes.

Easy Ways to Enhance Your Look

To step up your ring game even more, pair this look with a matching mani! Simple French tips or baby pink nails go perfectly with simple stacks, or go glittery and patterned with statement rings.

There’s really no limit to the ways you can style this trend, which is why it’s coming back in a big way. Not only does it super easy to adopt, it’s one of those trends that works with any style. Stay on top of the fashion trends and add stackable rings to your wardrobe!

Author Bio:

Mallory Walker is a fashion and jewelry enthusiast based in Illinois. When she’s not reading up on the latest styles, she enjoys hiking with her German shepherd, Duke.