Evening Bags A Pair of Clutches from Saks Fifth Avenue



(Photos © 2016 Ian Anderson)

Over the Christmas season, I bought these two clutches from Saks Fifth Avenue.  The quality of the bags is unparalleled to any other evening bag that I own.  Both clutches are designed by Saks Fifth Avenue.

The first clutch (on top) is a beautiful piece that goes with almost anything.  It is a beige hard case clutch with several jewel stones on the outside that range from silver to pewter to yellow gold.  It is truly stunning and goes with any formal gown or cocktail dress.

The second clutch (on bottom) is an Art Deco piece that blends turquoise with black, maroon, and gold.  The evening bag is beaded which shows off these colors evening more.  It is a beautiful clutch that can be combined with many different evening looks because of its versatility in color.

Both evening bags are truly beautiful.  The quality of craftsmanship by Saks Fifth Avenue is superb.  I carried the Art Deco evening bag to the symphony recently and received many compliments!


The Wisdom of Coco Chanel: Be Irreplaceable Monday's Desire to Inspire 1/18/2016



Coco Chanel was more than a couturier.  She had many philosophical pieces of advice that still resonate today.  For example, how irreplaceable are you?  It is true that if you are the same as everyone else, the you are very replaceable.  However, it is how you differentiate yourself that makes your irreplaceable.  Coco Chanel would know a lot about that as she is still famous for being one-of-a-kind!