Leopard Print Boots From My Boot Collection


With the cold weather upon us (even here in Florida), I was going through my boot collection which is quite expansive given that I live in Florida and wear boots about one-to-two months out of the year.  Anyways, I came across these gems – my leopard print boots.  I have not worn them in a couple of years so I had to show them off tonight!

_E9Q3465_web(Photo © 2016 Ian Anderson)

Leopard print is great with an all-black or all-brown outfit because it puts the focus on the boots or shoes.  I usually combine the boots with black and brown clothing just to mix things up a bit.  I think too much color is distracting and makes the outfit look almost disheveled.  I love putting the focus on my boots!

_E9Q3458_web(Photo © 2016 Ian Anderson)

After finding these boots, I came up with an idea that I hope you will enjoy.  You may have noticed that my categories at the top of my blog have changed a bit.  I have added a “Shoes” category and I am going to catalog many of my shoes as well as shoes that I adore.  I have collected a good number of shoes over the years and I look forward to showing you my favorites!  I suppose my blog is ever-evolving, but that’s great because so am I!

_E9Q3460_web(Photo © 2016 Ian Anderson)

It’s Cashmere Sweater Time! Even Floridians Are Wearing Sweaters


Burgandy Cashmere Sweater


I put together this collage based around the burgundy cashmere sweater.  I chose ivory pants because there is something elegant about wearing beautifully fitted ivory pants in winter time.  Not only do they bring out the burgundy cashmere sweater, but they make the outfit pop.  I chose the Gucci multi=color oxford pump for two reasons.  First, the burgundy in the shoe matches the burgundy in the cashmere sweater and, second, the shoes are so unique that I just have to have them!  Gucci makes the best shoes – they always have!

For accessories, I picked the Ashley Pittman Link Necklace to sass up the cashmere sweater.  As beautiful as it is, even cashmere needs to be “glammed” up sometimes.  And finally for the handbag, who does it better than Balenciaga?  This particular Balenciaga handbag is a shopper bag that is medium in size, perfect for the dimensions of this outfit.

Where should one go in this outfit?  Obviously, it would make a great work outfit.  You could interview in this outfit, make a presentation or hold a meeting.  Other options could be to wear this outfit on a lunch date with a friend or meeting a client for coffee.  It is also a terrific weekend ensemble to wear to dinner with your significant other.  Regardless of your choice, the outfit is very versatile.

Although it is a simple ensemble, I think that it would look great when the thermometer drops!  All of these pieces were chosen from Neiman Marcus, but the outfit can be put together from any store.

Here is a list of the pieces from Neiman Marcus that are included in the collage.  You can purchase them at NeimanMarcus.com.

Loro Piana Cashmere Glace Chain-Knit Turtleneck Sweater: $1500.00
Donna Karan Fluid High-Waist Pant in Ivory: $995.00
Gucci Tricolor Perforated Oxford Pump: $550.00
Balenciaga Cable-Handle Flap Medium Shopper Bag, Black: $2,125.00
Ashley Pittman Light Horn Link Mara Necklace: $595.00