Oscar de la Renta Perfume Wear Haute Couture Every Day!


Oscar de la Renta

(Photo © 2015 Ian Anderson)

Oscar de la Renta’s own fragrance is the perfect scent.  It blends the fine elegance of haute couture with the necessities that come with day-to-day wear.  In short, it doesn’t overdo it.  It is actually a very versatile fragrance.  For example, if it is brunch with the ladies and you want to feel light and breezy, a small application will do as this ethereal scent has a very clean aroma.  If a night out on the town or an elegant evening out is on the agenda, you can still use this same perfume, only this time, you will want to use it on you wrists, neck, decolletage, and even your hair.  The fragrance is not so overpowering that it cannot be used liberally.

I recently purchased this bottle of Oscar de la Renta perfume at Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Beach.  I am so obsessed with wearing it to different occasions and, with the holiday season fast approaching, I can’t wait to debut it to some of my friends who have not been introduced to my newest fragrance!


Monotone Gray Jacket & Skirt With a Cream Cashmere Sweater & Silver Embellishments


Gray Jacket & Skirt
(Photo © 2015 Ian Anderson)

Some may say that monotone outfits are boring.  Obviously, they are not pulling together the right pieces to make the outfit interesting.  This gray and white outfit contains plenty of visual interest.  Of course, the primary pieces are gray: the jacket and the skirt.  However, by adding a cashmere sweater with silver embellishment near the neckline, the eye is drawn upward   Another beautifully interesting detail is the ruching on the jacket.  It begins three quarters down each side of the jacket and continues around the neck.  The ruching comes in the form of long pleats that gives the jacket plenty of character.  The outfit is finished with a wide black belt.

This is one of my favorite fall/winter outfits because it is not too heavy to wear.  I live in North Florida where it does not get too cold so wearing a lightly warm sweater and jacket is ideal.  Where would I wear this?  I would wear it to professional lunch meetings, after work drinks with colleagues, and professional or civic meetings.  The possibilities are endless as the outfit is appropriate for almost occasion.

Don’t let the monochrome scare you!  I have put enough visual interest into this outfit to break up the monotone and create an truly special outfit.  Try it for yourself!  There are so many choices that you can use to make an outfit like this work: another color or two; more embellishments; a scarf; jewelry; colored tights; and brightly colored shoes that complement the outfit.  The choices are almost endless.

Explore. Use various trends.  Try new things.  But above all, see what works for you!  You may find that you love dressing in monochrome colors and then adding and subtracting various accoutrements from the outfit.  Make it fun!  After all, fashion was meant for exploration of one’s own proclivities and penchants for style.