#SummerGlow: Yellow & Pink Orange Dresses for Any Occasion Summertime Wardrobe Choices

Pink Orange and yellow summer dresses with jewlery

Are you searching for that perfect summer dress that you can wear to most any occasions?  I’m here to show you dresses that are versatile and that will take you from a wedding to a garden party to a cocktail party and you’ll barely have to bat an eyelash!

In the series #SummerGlow, I’ll be introducing my favorite summer looks for all occasions and explaining why some looks can be worn to more than one occasion. I’ll also caution why some looks should never be worn to an occasion (white to a wedding – just NO!).


My New Favorite Perfume: Narciso Rodriguez for Her Narciso Rodriguez for Her


4I recently had a birthday and one of the gifts that my sweet husband gave to me was this perfume by Narciso Rodriguez.  The bottle is all black and absolutely stunning and the fragrance is perfect.  Living in Florida, we have a giant orange tree growing in our backyard.  For weeks, the smell of orange blossom has pleasantly filled our yard.  It is one of the most intriguing and beautiful fragrances!