Marchesa Necklace from Nordstrom From The Pages of a Fashion Magazine


I saw this Marchesa necklace in the pages of one of my fashion magazines.  I subscribe to them all so I could not tell you to any degree of certainty which one.  However, I saw it and fell in love with it.  I went to and found the necklace and earrings (not shown in photo we took below) and bought them both as a sort of late Christmas/early Valentine’s Day gift to myself.  It was a bit of an impulse buy, but those can be the best kind!

The necklace is exquisite.  It is everything that the online photo advertised and more.  It is very luxurious and fits much like a choker, but it has plenty of volume to it.  The necklace contains several gold roses with crystals in the center.  I have not worn in yet, but I can think of an upcoming romantic holiday coming up for which it might be perfect!

Marchesa Necklace(Photo © 2016 Ian Anderson)

Marchesa Necklace - Close Up(Photo © 2016 Ian Anderson)

Polka Dots & Leather Skirt Anyone? A Beautiful Pattern and Texture Mixture


B&W Polka Dot & Leather Skirt

(Photo © 2015 Ian Anderson)

This outfit blends a polka dot patterned blouse with a leather textured skirt by Ann Taylor to create an alluring silhouette.  The leather red belt brings the outfit together by creating a focal point for which the eye is drawn.  The coordinated necklace mimics the polka dots found in the blouse and adds another dimension to the outfit.  As a whole, this outfit is visually pleasing with a flair.

For other accessories, I would wear a pair of studded earrings or a very simple pair of complementary drop earrings.  I would be sure to keep it simple so as not to clash with the outfit.  Whether to wear tights with this ensemble depends, in part, on the weather and your geographical location.  I’m located in Florida and it’s not “tight weather” too often.  However, a pair of black tights would look great with this outfit.  For shoes, I wear my ankle boots with this outfit.  I just purchased a new pair for the season and I can’t wait to show them to you!  Knee high boots will also work well here too. This outfit is so ornate that few accessories are necessary.  If you overdo your accessories, the impact of the outfit will suffer.

This outfit is one my favorites for fall because the blouse is summer breezy and carefree while the leather skirt brings a heavier more cold seasonal feel.  It’s blending the two seasons into one outfit. Because this outfit includes a leather skirt and you are likely to wear either black ankle boots or knee high boots, I think this is a great day-to-evening outfit.  The blouse is light and carefree which makes it great for day whereas the leather skirt and boots give it a more nighttime look.  For brunch, lunch, or dinner, this outfit will make you stand out like a true Fashionista!  Not only will this outfit turn heads, it will make you the center of attention!