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The Style Bouquet’s One Year Anniversary!

One Year Anniversary

Last September, I started The Style Bouquet just in time for New York Fashion Week.  I really had no idea what I was doing, but somehow, I survived! The one thing that I can say about this past year is that it has been a learning process and I’ve been on a gigantic learning curve (and still am!).  I have loved incorporating my knowledge of fashion and beauty into my blog posts to share with you.  I can’t wait to continue to do so in the coming years!

Thank You

I am so fortunate to have you, my readers, who come to my blog every week, everyday even, to read my posts and leave your supportive comments.  I appreciate each and everyone of you!  Since The Style Bouquet‘s inception, I have met bloggers and made friends from all around the world – from Sydney to London to New York and everywhere in between.  I appreciate the broad reach of my blog and I love that it reaches an international audience. I’ve learned so much from you!

Of course no one’s success happens in a vacuum, so I’d like to thank two people who have helped me along the way.  Where would I be without my fabulous photographer husband Ian Anderson!  I’d also like to thank my mentor for constantly pushing me to be better and offering me plenty of opportunities to grow and learn – Australian blogger and coach Kate McKibbin.

Looking Ahead

I am very much looking forward to Year Two of Blogging.  I feel that I’ve really found my niche and I know what my readers want.  I just secured a collaboration with a beauty company that, not only wants me to try out their products, but they have promised me samples for you, my readers, as giveaways.  Additionally, this coming year, I’ll be attending South Walton Fashion Week in October 2016 and Charleston Fashion Week in March 2017.  I can wait to bring you to coverage from these fashion weeks!

It’s been a wonderful year full of plenty of ups, some downs, but a ride I’ve enjoyed taking!  It can only get better from here!

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    1. Thank you so much for your support! It means the world to have you as my cheerleader! I truly love what I do and I know that you love what you do as well. I’m so happy that I found you as a friend 🙂 To many more!! xo

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