Summer’s nearly here!  With June comes the arrival of Summer and the Summer solstice on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 which is the longest day of the year.  Summer brings so much activity.  We are outside more and the hustle and bustle and life seems to pick up the pace quite a bit.  Personally, I love it!  I love the warm (hot!) temperatures here in Florida and I love my summer wardrobe.  I never really put away my summer wardrobe because it stays warm here in Florida almost year round.  However, I do have a few Fall/Winter “go-to” pieces to stay warm when its unseasonably cool.

Summer Blockbuster Movies

But, I digress.  This post is all about you and your summer and how you want to spend it. Traditionally, Summer has been the season for movie blockbusters.  One of the very first summer movie blockbusters was Jaws which is from the year 1975.  It made everybody terrified to go into the water and still does!  If you want to watch some great movies this Summer (or re-watch them), I’ve compiled the following list of the most recent summer blockbusters!

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Once you have your at-home entertainment set for summer, you’ll want the perfect sandals to show off those perfectly pedicured toes when you go out for the day or evening. Various sandals from mules to gladiators are on trend for this season so enjoy my selection and pick out a couple or three or four for yourself!


June Splurge