Review: Olay Regenerist

Eye Cream, Serum, Micro-Sculpting Cream

Olay Regenerist

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I.     Background

Since I was ten years old, I have used Olay products on my face.  One might say it’s a generational habit.  You see, both my mother and grandmother use and used Olay products.  My grandmother didn’t have a single wrinkle and my mother has very healthy skin.  Yes, it’s part genetics, but I believe that it’s also due to our generational use of Olay products.  My grandmother took me to the side one day to show me her bottle of Olay lotion.  She said that it was all that I would need to maintain a beautiful complexion for the rest of my life.  Well, that and staying out of the sun.  I took her advice to heart and have been using Olay products for the past thirty years.  Yes, I am forty years old and I’m happy to report that I’m without a single wrinkle thanks to my grandmother and mother’s advice and example!

Olay Regenerist

II.     Review

The products that I love the most from Olay is their Regenerist line.  I believe that they products could stand next to any high-priced product and win!  With consistent use, the Regenerist line is quite effective at smoothing and softening skin.  It also makes skin look younger.  This has been my experience for the several years that I’ve used Regenerist line.

I am reviewing each product in the order in which I apply them at night.

a.     Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment

Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment

This highly concentrated eye cream is perfect

b.     Miracle Boost Concentrate

Miracle Boost Concentrate

c.     Micro-Sculpting Cream

Have you used any Olay products?  Were you pleased with the results?



  1. Feel like I better get on the skincare wagon…40 and no wrinkles – amazing! I’m glad you’ve given recommendations because I honestly feel so clueless with skincare. I’m going to check these out. Thanks!

  2. Olay is the first product I used as a teenager. Loved the feel of it and the fragrance too.
    I have had a few other products in-between. So worth considering another look at
    what you have reviewed 🙂

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