Who says that fashion rules are made to be broken?  Some rules can be helpful in guiding you toward your fashion goals.  I’ve compiled a list of fashion “rules” below to help you with your fashion decisions.  However, I firmly believe that fashion is an individual expression and no one can do it better for you than you!

1.  Emphasize Your Features

Emphasize your top features instead of hiding them. Show off toned legs in a mini-skirt, or a little cleavage provided you keep your assets in a good push-up bra. Remember the word “little” though.


2. Wear Lace

I know that today it’s all about easy denim, cotton and knits, but ladylike lace highlights your femininity like no other fabric.


3.  Own Nude Heels

Own at least one pair of plain, nude pumps. They look great with anything, anytime.

Nude Heels

4.  Buy Fine Fabrics

Spend the extra dollar on high quality fabrics that will last in time. Cheap stuff wears out pretty quickly so you will end up buying things again and again anyway.

Fine Fabrics


5.  Invest in a Silk Scarf

Invest in a neutral silk scarf. It will tie easily and will elegantly complement any outfit. They are so versatile!

Silk Scarves


6.  Vertical Stripes

Go for vertical stripes that elongate the silhouette instead of horizontal ones.

Vertical Stripes


7.  Wear Pearls

Wear a string (or two, or three) of pearls. Unlike big, flashy fashion jewelry, pearls will always give you a refined, expensive look.



8.  Wear Spanx

Wear spanx under any second-skin-tight outfit. They flawlessly reshape the silhouette injecting an extra dose of confidence.



9.  Check Your Derriere

Always check your rear view when trying on a skirt or a pair of pants. And do try to sit down in the changing room, especially if the garment is rather fitted. (preventing split seams is better than having to mend them)

Look from Behind


10.  Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Fabulous!

Wear your clothes because they make you feel and look good, not because they are trendy.

Fabulous Woman